Jalisco Approves New Procedures for Notary Publics

The Jalisco State legislature has approves changes to the State Notarial Law and Civil Code and Code of Civil Procedure to allow Notary Publics (Notario Publicos) to perform certain new activities with the aim to reduce backlog at the courts as well as give people a faster way to resolve uncontested administrative matters. for issues such as an uncontested divorce, with a Notary Public it would take a few months instead of having the case presented in the courts where it can drag out for years.

The following are the new procedures Notary Publics will have:
1) Be able to do mutual divorces as long as there are no minor or disabled children who would need support.
2) Correction of errors in Birth / Marriage / Death Certificates.
3) Be able to process interstate probate cases that have with no minor or disabled children and where there are no conflicts between the parties.
4) Be able to do cases of surveying and demarcation of property boundaries.

In addition the appointment of Notario Publico will no longer be for life.

Original: www.eloccidental.com.mx

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