IV International Beach Polo Cup this weekend

The Sport of Kings will be played in all its glory from March 13-15, sponsored by Ferrari & Maserati Mexico, the host resort Hard Rock Hotel and tournament host Elite Residences; the competition is part of the Mexico Polo Tours presented by Tucané.
This year, teams from Italy, Argentina, Canada, U.S and two from Mexico will seek the crown in this Sport of Kings.
“We want the Riviera Nayarit to shine, and we’re grateful that the destination with its gorgeous settings has opened its doors to us,” said José Antonio Amutio, Managing Director for the event. “Thanks to the experience accumulated over the past three years the entire event has improved, from the staging, to the playing field and everything in between.”
One of the highlights of the event will be the Ferrari-Maserati Parade, to be held prior to the March 13th inauguration< the vehicles will escort the players and their horses in a spectacular ceremony down Avenida de los Cocoteros in Nuevo Vallarta. The expected increase in attendees from Mexico and other countries is of approximately 30%; attendance to the event is free.

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    “Can we we just ignore them both from now on and move on with our lives ? Yes we can. And will. Bad for ball.”

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