Is your health holistic?

What does “holistic” mean exactly? It sounds like a snazzy, modern word we should know, but do most people understand it? I sure didn’t some time ago. Also known as holiatry, Webster’s dictionary defines it as ” care of the entire patient in all aspects of well-being, including physical, psychological, and social.”
More and more data seems to be coming out about how our optimal health doesn’t just have to do with what we eat, although that is important, but it’s more about the “whole” picture. For example: How do manage your stress? Do you have good relationships with people in your life? Do you exercise, are you helping to move toxins out of your body? Do you love the work you do? What are your patterns of thinking? Great health isn’t about spending hours in yoga class, at the gym or vowing to never eat gluten again. Yes, health and eating consciously matters, but it’s also about the other factors. I like to think of it as caring for the wheel of life. Different spokes in the wheel represent a different/important facet of our lives that should be nourished. After all, we are multi-faceted beings with different interests, dreams, strengths and weaknesses.
Try this check in exercise with yourself. Take a piece of paper and write a letter to yourself about the life you envision, including new projects, the new body you envision, new relationships, new perspectives, new ways of being.
What feelings and thoughts surface as you write this letter to yourself? Are there old stories that keep popping up in your head that aren’t allowing you to live your life with more authenticity and alignment of your values?
Write down the old messages you’ve been carrying around, the negative self-talk that no longer serves you. Get real with yourself. Allow yourself space to really feel emotions as they come up and not push them away.
Once you’ve written the letter, read it to yourself and ask for forgiveness for anything that emerged that wasn’t true. The new emerging you is arising – allow for this transformation.
Now that you’ve read it, you can rip up or burn the letter if you so wish as it may symbolize letting go of old beliefs. Or you can turn on your favorite tune and dance to celebrate letting go and inviting in the new kind of life you are determined to live – more empowered, more vibrant, more WHOLE, more you.
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I’m a Certified Wellness Coach. My mission is to empower you to become the best version of yourself so that you are unstoppably fulfilling your dreams! My approach is holistic. I help you incorporate visualization techniques, plant-strong nutrition, fun Latin movement, and essential oils to support physical and emotional health. If you want to feel like the amazing, vibrant, WHOLE person you know you are this year download my FREE guide at and check out my wellness programs.

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  1. Holistic health , and a hologram universe, must be some form of connection here. The connection may be that each part is representative of the whole.

    The universe has got along for over 13.7 billion years and the modern Homo sapiens sapiens for some 200,000 years , and they are both still here. So far so good!

    Physical health without disease requires a diet consisting of some 100 different minerals, plus the vitamins and enzymes . A difficult thing in a polluted environment, and a culture with so many health damaging poisons, practices and beliefs.

    However in a health conscious environment , the120 years that our DNA has been programed for …. can be achieved. How long did your parents and grandparents live to be ? Your children? If you have lived longer that either or both of them, your on the right path. If you have lost children, what have you been doing wrong ?

    Adequate sleep , rest, and exercise adds up to optimum health. Also necessary is a good education, work skills, and best of all, a wonderful wife or husband to share the chores of life. And last but not least …. long vacations to places like Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

    I would say that this adds up to 100 percent of optional health and well being. Thank You.

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