Introducing Kass Smith

Kass was born to entertain. He is a singer, musician, painter, songwriter, pilot, and although he has lived in Mexico for decades, the lilt of his native Jamaica slides off his tongue as easily as laughter.

I met Kass in 1993 or ‘94 playing reggae on Vallarta’s Malecon. He has always been easy to approach, quick with a smile, and open arms to meet any challenge. He is fascinating on stage, engaging his audience one by one until everyone is spellbound.

No reggae at Teatro Vallarta, but there are plans for a Reggae Festival in the springtime, outside on the beach. For this one concert at Teatro Vallarta, Kass will sing the songs of many of his childhood heroes. His larger than life voice will bring you Louis Armstrong, the great Ray Charles, Barry White, and more, backed by his big band orchestra.

Presale tickets are available at Teatro Vallarta box office across from Casa Ley and at Soho’s clothing store in Plaza Caracol. Kass has made ticket prices affordable, so entire families can come together for this rare musical feast.

See you and yours at Teatro Vallarta, Saturday, November 23, at 8 pm.

Marcia Blondin