Introducing Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo Quiroz

By Frank K. Meyer
The staff at Casa Hogar Maximo Cornejo Quiroz are dedicated, wonderful women who are overworked and surely underpaid. The precious children that reside there come from dysfunctional families. Very few of these children are orphans but instead are sexually, physically & mentally abused. Some of the stories are so horrific it is beyond belief.
Dennis and Faye Janson have been teaching these children English for many years.
They lead a group of volunteers that is constantly changing, depending on who is in town. Dennis told me recently, “We have two English classes that we teach on Monday, Tuesday and Friday for 1 hour. Faye has the little kids ages 3 to 5 and I have 6 to 12 year olds. My class is not only learning English but also computer skills, bible stories and social skills. We also provide $300 to $400 dollars of milk and $160 worth of Ritalin monthly and also school supplies.
We have hired Silvia, a retired California school teacher and school administrator for $500 a month, to teach the English computer program, social skills and bible stories. Silvia is bilingual and we speak Spanglish.
The focus of our ministry, His Will, His Way Ministries, is to guide the children in learning English, bible stories and proper social skills.
So, you are challenged to join us as volunteers to come and help us teach, or go to the nursery and help feed or change diapers. Or just come and play and love the kids.”
Other needs: Diapers, shoes, food staples. I.e. Beans, rice, oil, fruit and vegetables
Money donations can be sent to our 501(3)c account at: Shepherd Staff Mission Facilitators 6739 Academy Rd. #320 Albuquerque, N.M. 87109 Account #607