Ingrid & Manuel Wreck Havoc

By Luis Melgoza

Other than much needed rain, Puerto Vallarta was spared by the damage inflicted on two-thirds of Mexico’s territory by Ingrid and Manuel. This unprecedented impact caused from moderate to extremely serious damage in all Mexican states, except three. Several states have declared emergency and one, Guerrero, extraordinary emergency. Forty deaths and more than 1.2 million children, women and men are displaced, many localities in the country are unreachable by land, some can’t be reached even by air at this time. Countless rivers and twenty-one dams have overflowed, eight more dams are reaching capacity. Power and telephone are down in countless localities.
Roads have been washed out or covered by landslides, bridges and tunnels have collapsed making it difficult for Army, Navy and Red Cross rescuers to get to those isolated by the disaster.
For those driving to Laredo, TX, roads in San Luis Potosi and Tamaulipas, between PV and Laredo, suffered serious damage. It may be impossible to make it to the border that way.
Acapulco is a special case. Its international airport is flooded and closed to air-traffic, all roads to and from that port are also closed, making the situation in Acapulco worse than in other areas of the country because more than 50,000 tourists –who visited Acapulco for the four-day weekend– are stranded there, the city simply doesn’t have enough food or medication supplies after the long weekend leading into the slowest weeks of the year for Mexican tourist destinations.
What does this have to do with you and Puerto Vallarta? I’m glad you asked! The Mexican Red Cross is accepting donations to: Cruz Roja Mexicana account 0404 0404 06 at BBVA Bancomer (Branch 683), you may make a deposit to that account at any Bancomer branch.
To transfer money from other Mexican banks to the Mexican Red Cross’ account in Bancomer, use CLABE:012180004040404062.
For transfers from abroad, this is what your bank needs:
Account holder:
Cruz Roja Mexicana
Account # 0404040406
Bank: BBVA Bancomer
Branch: 683
Branch Address:Mexico D.F.,
Palmas, Plaza Mexico
Every penny counts. Donations, in any amount, can and will save lives.

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  1. Even in the darkest night, there is a ray of light. With roads closed, power out, lack of food drinking water, the damage to 2/3 rds of Mexico must hamper or shut down the drug cartels and their operations. Also the gambling casinos.

    However as has been said regarding the Bay of Banderas, the city of Puerto Vallarta has been spared from much of the storm and flooding. I am expecting dry and sunny weather when I return to PV on Saturday 28. Last year the big rain storm hit PV on the Friday, by Saturday afternoon when I arrived, all was dry, including the three weeks of my stay.

    I am concerned this year due to the line up of the planet Saturn and Earth, which has resulted in much havoc in countries around the planet, especially in the state of Colorado, USA , where thousands of homes have been washed away. Then there is the increased large earthquakes, and volcano eruptions. My home San Francisco has been dry all summer, with the usual night and morning fog.

    But I will be bringing my raincoat and umbrella with me again this time to PV, for the rainy season is not yet over, and many a time I have gotten caught in a evening rain storm where it was sunny when I went to dinner or the supermarket, only to find a heavy rain when leaving the building.

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