Influx of Cruise Ships Exceeds Expectations

With a more than 30% increase in the number of cruise ship arrivals, the expects this year to consolidate this area in a definitive manner.
Carlos Gerard Guzman, the head of the Municipal Tourism Department, said that the port expects to receive about 230,000 visitors in the 2013-14 season. “Everyone is devoting extraordinary attention to providing warmth and quality services, because the best advertising is word of mouth, so I foresee a very good season,” he said.
Gerard Guzman noted that the positive growth we are experiencing now will result in more tourism for years to come.


  1. Viva Mexico! This is exciting new for our industry here and we all felt the pains of many false news stories in the last years. We at, Paradise Village Group anticipate positive results in the real estate market this year introducing many to their dream
    home! We love El Tigre where we live now and look forward to a prosperous future.
    Vive Mexico!

  2. With many stores in PV closed during August and September, the cruse ship traffic will not do much for them. Then there is the flea market at the marina where the cruse ships dock. I spend time there when I arrive during the last week of September, talking to my friends who tend the shops . The story has been, as we sit on chairs under a tree between the open shops, that , yes there are cruise ships arriving , however few of the passengers visit our shops.

    The story is , the shops they visit are the ones that the chartered busses take them to in town, or at a timeshare resort. The receiving resorts and jewelry stores will have welcoming beverages waiting for them. But the shop owners say, they look, but purchase little . Last two years at the Joyas Finas Sunecon jewelry store at Morelos 593 , downtown, where I purchase my 24K gold pieces, I had to wait some time for visiting couples who were making big purchases of jewelry, and asking for the receipt to recover the 15 percent tax added.

    One finds much Tasco silver merchandise in the downtown stores, but not a lot of gold. The Mexico Tasco silver mines at one time was the worlds largest supplier , and the gold mines located up the Cuale River, used to send the gold down the river in boats that delivered it to ships waiting at the Bay of Banderas.

    Today not many residents of Puerto Vallarta can afford to buy gold jewelry, and even silver. One store owner at the downtown flea market said last year, that he can no longer afford to purchase silver jewelry to sell in his store, and that he would be selling only tee-shirts. You can always be sure of making a shop owner happy with a purchase, and a friend if you purchase year after year.

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