Incanto Casino

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s here. Incanto Casino in Bucerias is open for business, or should I say, for pleasure. The day I stopped in, the outdoor painting was taking place, and the parking lot was partially under construction. A few days later, the parking spots were outlined in bright yellow, and a security booth had been erected at the entrance. These people work fast!

Employing two-hundred people, the 5,000-square-meter casino offers many options for gaming and entertainment including craps; poker; various card tables; slots; a sportsbook; bingo; themed events, and food and beverage. Although I dropped in without having a formal appointment, Carlos Gomez, Public Relations Officer, was very gracious in offering a guided tour. Here’s what you can expect when you want to try your luck: The bright lobby is where you receive your free “playing” card after being warmly welcomed by reception.

“Our staff speaks English to provide better service for both local and visiting clients.” After passing through a security gate to enter the main room, my senses jumped alive in the comfortably cool climate, with bright flashing lights, bells ringing and dinging; gleaming glass and mirrors, and that obligatory elaborate carpet that I figure can only be purchased through a visually impaired casino-wares wholesaler.

Everywhere, neon and noise, and nothing but excitement! Under the recessed lighting straight ahead are the live tables with beckoning dealers and to the right and left, some of the 300 shiny slot machines. Carlos tells me, “Our machines have the best technology, with many different games for people to have fun and win!” I look around for the old “one-armed bandits” but soon discover they no longer exist. We’re now talking sleek electronics with colourful control buttons on a wrist-resting dashboard. I guess it’s been a while since I’ve played any slots! We walk right through a glass wall (seemed like it) and entered the enclosed smoking section with more slot machines.

From here you can see through another glass wall to the bingo area, and watch as the employee calls numbers in both Spanish and English to the many patrons marking their cards, seated at tables just in front of the elevated stage. This area also provides seating for the restaurant where they set up their daily buffets. As a morning gamer, you may try their buffet from 9 am to noon for 99 pesos. If you prefer afternoons, their Executive Buffet will run you 70 pesos from 3 to 6 pm.

Continuing the tour, Carlos lead me upstairs to the Ocean Poker Room. A very comfortable area, it looks like some serious gambling goes on here; there are signs posted throughout the casino outlining house rules and betting limits. Back on the main floor, we check out the cozy sports lounge with wall to wall bar, and another wall covered in television action. Escape the heat, bring some pesos, and enjoy. You’ll find the entrance off Hwy 200, just south of Chedraui on the southbound lateral.

The casino is open every day from 9 am to 4 am, weekends until 5 am. Visitors must be a minimum of eighteen years old. “We are happy to be the first casino in Bucerias. Our beautiful and spacious casino offers top security and quality service to our customers.”