In a meeting with Canacintra, a board comprised of tourism experts, Secretary of Tourism Claudia Ruiz Massieu announced that Mexico had enjoyed a sustained growth in the tourism sector, surpassing the same period last year.She stated that the indicators are positive with foreign exchange earnings in 2013 about 8% higher than in 2012. This increase was propelled by a higher number of foreign visitors. Ruiz Massieu also highlighted the creation of two new air routes.She noted that tourism positively affects other industries in the country pointing to the announced investments of 112 billion pesos by local entrepreneurs.  In turn, this investment brings thousands of jobs to the construction sector. Ruiz Massieu specifically explained that it comes from176 projects in 27 cities, including construction or remodeling of airport infrastructure, recreational parks, golf courses, marina and 33,000 new hotel rooms, among others. Other sectors reflecting the impact of tourism are transportation, medicine, food and beverages, as well as the financial sector where a flow of both loans and investments is expected.Ruiz Massieu endorsed  the latter ‘s commitment to support the industry with more loans, especially to micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs ) through the National Institute of Entrepreneurship ( INADEM ) .Meanwhile, Alpizar Rodrigo Vallejo, president of the Canacintra, said that 2013 saw a different focus in approach by the country’s tourism industry.  The approach has consolidated a competitive agenda aimed a major destinations.

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  1. Loretta and I visited the Museum in Mexico City in the late 1970s. There was the giant Olmec head in front of the Museum, and a large sign near the door informing us that a recent robbery had taken many of the artifacts that had been displayed. Many years later I purchased a large heavy book with glossy colored pictures taken in the Museum prior to the robbery. Oh well, better later than never.

    Regarding NAFTA, U.S. Presidential candidate Ross Perot said that passing NAFTA would result in a big swishing sound as all the jobs moved south. Ross was correct, the jobs are all gone.

    Solar cells will not power Mexico or America. America was powered with electricity by large dams and hydro facilities. Without the dams for water and flood control, a nation cannot have a large viable population. In America it is now dams or fish. Looks like the fish may win as America goes down to suit the environmentalists.

    Already all our forests are burning due to the actions of the environmentalists. The world cannot support humanity and wildlife. The results. Check out Mars. Have you seen it lately? All desert like is going the Earth.

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