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I am the preschool coordinator and nursery teacher at the American School of Puerto Vallarta. I am also both unsurprised and not a bit sorry that this list of my favorites is mostly about places to eat. If you can live in Vallarta without appreciating some of the good eatin’ around here, you have to be at least half Vulcan.
1) El Rio BBQ –We love the river. From October to May we spend our Fridays here eating French fries, swimming, catching tadpoles and watching Gilberto (my husband) and Bob play tunes from 4 to 6.
2) Sayulita – Whenever we want to slow things down, we spend a long weekend getting our hippie on in Sayulita. Love the jewellery, the reggae, and Casa Terramar, where we feel like Swiss Family Robinson in Style.
3) Old Town – To our family, this is what Vallarta magic is all about. We now live in the Vallarta ‘burbs, but miss the Romance of the Zone and visit often.
4) L’Olive – I can’t find the superlative to describe the pizza in this new little gem in Marina Vallarta. Friday nights I can go listen to Gil play classic rock at 10pm.
5) Tianguis – We head to the tianguis in Barrio Santa Maria every Saturday along with many locals. We mostly go for the delicious quesadillas, but sometimes you’ll find me elbow-deep in the clothing piles, shoveling out the best bargains.
6) Lukumbe – Any parent will appreciate how I feel about a place with mom-sized mochas, great food, wonderful ambiance, and an indoor/outdoor supervised kids’ area.
7) The Roxy Rockhouse – Sentimental me, here’s where I met my guitar man. It’s still a date night favorite, ‘cause sometimes you just gotta dance to a song that has more than 4 words.

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  1. I am surprised that an American preschool coordinator and teacher did not have more to say about the subject. I remember my pre school days in San Francisco during WWII as walking up my street during the day by myself and playing in the sand and bushes in the vacant lots over the hill. Pretty wild and independent , but this is what I remember , and I knew the war was hell, because of the food rationing, In kindergarten which sure was fun, I remember the painting on the tripod easel with the chalk water paint in the milk cartons , used after we drank the milk from them , and the long round handle brushes. No I did become a painter even after taking several classes in the College of Marin. It must have been too late.

    However I remember my 17 year old granddaughter before she went to preschool. She was diagnosed as autistic, and went to a special school. I knew that something was wrong when our whole family was on vacation , as she sat in the corner watching me read a post graduate book on neutrinos, those particles emanated from the sun. The thick book contained mostly mathematical equations, charts and grafts.

    She was barely walking then, but when she saw me set the book down, and leave the room, she retrieved it and sat back in the corner. I watched her open the book page by page, pull the page up to her face, and stare at it.

    Today Laura is in the San Ramon High School , in her 11th year, with mostly A grades, and captain of the schools Cheer Leaders. One day in middle school she told her mother she wanted to go to a regular school. When she got there she said to her mother, she wanted to be on the Deans list. She has been on it ever since. She wants to try out for most of the school activities. She has been a student spokesperson and leader in both the middle and high schools. Is it the student, or is it the teachers?

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