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Sara Radchenko offers us a small glimpse of the richness and beauty of the Puerto Vallarta area. She says “It will take my lifetime to experience all the beauty and then some. Have a glorious day in paradise.”

1Take a Spanish class. The Mexican people are very appreciative of our efforts to speak the language. Expand your mind, knowledge and interactions with local people and learning their culture.
2 Rhythms of the Night. A romantic evening on a beautiful beach setting. Say no more. It is an incredible evening.
3 SUP. Stand up paddle boarding is easy with a lesson and one can improve quickly. Maybe even have an opportunity to glide along side the dolphins.
4 Dancing. Hugo Lopez and Christina at Octopus Garden in La Cruz or Adriatico’s in Bucerias. This talented couple will wow you with their amazing dancing ability and show. You can even join them in dancing afterwards.
5 Whale watching. Whether it be out on a tour or watching from a beach, it is an opportunity to witness the beauty of creation.
6 Celebrate. Attend a church service, a wedding, baptism, or celebrations that each local village has on their feast days such as boat parades, horse parades, carnivals.
7 Participate in a walk for the Peregrinacion for Our lady of Guadalupe. Plan for it next December. Before you know the time will have passed and it will be time for the walks again.
Sara Radchenko lives in Bucerias in the winter months. She has been here 8 years. She is learning Spanish and is attending the Academy of Washington in Bucerias where she also volunteers her time helping the many Spanish people who want to learn English.

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  1. The list of things mentioned above are limited to the time and date one is in Puerto Vallarta. There is summer heat and rain , winter’s dry and cooler weather, and the limited in between spring and fall seasons. Then there is the now, verses the prior less crowed and expensive decades in Puerto Vallarta … each providing a difference and surprising experience.

    Take some four decades ago when Puerto Vallarta was a small small fishing village, and the new resort hotels were separated from the living and shopping quarters of the Mexian Indians by the main road entering town from a small airport. Those were the days when a vacationer at the hotel zone was cautioned from mingling with the local Mexicans . Actually there were large signs located on their business buildings that visitors were not welcome to shop in these stores.

    The airport and main road of today, was not the small airport and unpaved road of earlier times. There was no Denney’s, McDonald’s, Costco or Sam’s. One rented a Jeep to take a road into the Jungle and was warned of the robbers on the roads. The bay boat rides were primitive and landed on beaches where there were no modern facilities like today. Often, one had to jump off of the boat near shore and wade to the beach, where you laid out your beach blanket, and hiked up to a primitive Mexican village where there were on doors or windows to block the view inside. This situation also prevailed in the downtown southern section of the Puerto Vallarta.

    I remember when walking up a small street, looking through a bedroom window and seeing a young woman dressing for perhaps what was a date.

    But most of all is what may be referred to as climate change. Yes … the big birds have migrated from the Jungle behind Puerto Vallarta to eastern United States, Canada and Alaska. These are the Thunderbirds, such as those seen on Alaskan , Canadian and Indonesian Indian wood totem poles, are black, and have a wingspan of between 20 and 40 foot wide. The look like an airplane in the sky.

    In the early years at PV, I would see then up in the sky way above the other birds. Like one sees the airliners crossing the sky bringing people into and leaving PV from the airport. Perhaps this what has scared them away, the high noise of the jet engines. An earlier recreation manager at our Resort told us that these birds roosted on the jungle tree tops during the night, and glided along high in the sky during the day.

    Yes, time and season changes everything..

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