In the Know

A local weekly guide to places, people and things

Julie Mongeau

1. Ride the Camionetas
(local buses):
The Puerto Vallarta bus system is not only very efficient but it can also be an outing at the theatre, as families of clowns, musicians and storytellers entertain the passengers for a small peso donation.
2. Drink dollar beverages:
What a better way to escape the hustle and bustle of the Malecon than by sipping an ice cold beer or a frozen Margarita at the low cost of $1.00 usd? This deal is found in many of the restaurants and bars along the boardwalk. Sunsets are free.
3.Dance the night away:
Tired of dancing with two left feet, there are many free dance classes throughout the city. Some are given in bars, or you can join in at any time at the town square or even better at the outdoor theatre while watching the sunset.
4.Take your picture with
Poncho Villa:
You want to impress your Facebook friends, take a picture with famous national hero Poncho Villa. He is always ready to smile for a free picture, and at the same time you get to rest your feet, as he is sitting on a bench.
5. Climb a ladder:
The “In Search of Reason” sculpture by Sergio Bustamante is quite the attraction, and one of the most popular on the malecon. You can climb the ladder facing the ocean, have your photo taken and unknowingly partake in a drinking game happening at one the $1.00 drink bars behind the ladder.
6. Shop on the beach:
It’s the best of both worlds in Puerto Vallarta, for the many of us love to shop and enjoy relaxing at the beach. Vendors will gladly demonstrate and showcase their merchandise without you having to lift a finger.
7. Hike the hills and walk the streets of PV:
You can get a serious workout climbing the intricate hills of PV, or simply by walking the cobblestone roads, but if the heat gets too overbearing you can take a dip in the many potholes usually found at the intersections, just watch out for the camionetas as you take a dip.
I am very proud to say that I am now part of the expat community of Puerto Vallarta. My boyfriend and I decided to take a leap, hoping a net would follow, and it did. I recently arrived from Montreal, Canada leaving behind the hustle and bustle of a big urban city, a career, friends and of course the snow. As much as I may be a winter sport girl, I am sure I will find many ways to replace my need for my winter thrills here in PV.