Improvements Aimed at Increasing Tourist Traffic in Old Town

Translation by Michelle Mayer-Fulfer
Work on the improvement and renovation of Francisca Rodríguez in Colonia Emiliano Zapata began on Monday giving further impetus and attempting to drive more traffic to the tourist area. The construction of a pedestrian walkway is planned that will allow enhanced access to local businesses in close proximity to Los Muertos Beach Pier.
In this respect, Oscar Delgado Chavez , CEO of Infrastructure and Municipal Services , said the project involves the construction of a pedestrian area along with a vehicular service lane.
In addition, the city will begin installing benches, lamps, planters and a playground.
This improvement represents an investment of 3,196,482 pesos and will directly benefit more than 3,500 local residents, as well as the nearly 5,000 pedestrians who are estimated to use the area daily.
He noted that the resources were provided by the state and federal governments.
The initiative was derived from steps taken by the municipality and was aimed at bolstering the historical center of Puerto Vallarta.
The work “is going to develop key areas of the city with some due supervision, allowing us to monitor progress,” specifically since firms in charge of completing the work are instructed to do so in less than two months’ time. This time frame seeks to cause the least disruption to merchants in the area.
Delgado Chavez explained that previously there had been meetings with neighbors and tenants. At these meetings, a consensus was established. These meeting were held to inform the public and ensure their general support.
Shops in the affected area will remain open during their regular business hours. Thus, businesses will not be interrupted during the improvement phase and signs will be posted to ensure that patrons know that the businesses are still open.


  1. Is less new condos and resorts being built as less people are coming to this location for vacations for various reasons.
    Prices are very high.
    Fear factor.
    The town has lost it´s old Mexico charm that people loved.
    It has sadly become another Cancun. One is enough!

    What this town REALLY needs is a park. A large park where we can spend our days picnicking and taking our children and animals.

    Less ugly buildings.
    Make this town people friendly by giving back to the people by building a park.

    It is obvious people do not like what this location has become in the past 10 years.

  2. Finally the City is getting around to “completing” the new dock. If any of you can recall this street work was all supposed to have been completed when the new dock was built. Also why did they schedule the work to produce the maximum amount of disruption right in the middle of the high tourist season?
    And through it all the “spin doctors” at the City make themselves out as heros! And the strangest thing is people actually believe them.

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