Emergency Phone Numbers
The police station or the fire department is 060. For Non-Emergency calls, dial (322) 290-0507 for the Police Dep & (322) 224-7701 for the Fire Department.

Ambulance Services
Red Cross Ambulance: 222-1533
Global Ambulance: 226-1014

Ameri-Med Hospital: 226-2080
Cornerstone Hospital: 224-9400
San Javier Hospital: 226-1010
Medasist Hospital: 223-0444
C.M.Q. Hospital: 223-1919
I.M.S.S. Hospital: 224-3838
Regional Hospital: 224-4000

Other Important Phone Numbers
American Consulate:
(322)222-0069 or 01-333-268-2145
Canadian Consulate:
(322) 293-0098
Motor Vehicle Dept: 224-8484
Consumer Protection (PROFECO): 225-0000
Immigration Office: 221-1380
National Telegraph: 224-7970
Electric Company (CFE): 071
Water Company (SEAPAL): 223-1516
Municipal Services: 223-2500
Tourist Protection: 223-2500
Ministerio Publico: 222-1762
Animal Protection: 221-0078
Wake-Up Service: 031

Emergency Phone for Sayulita
Dial 066 from any standard land line. Dial 080 from Mexican cell phones. To report suspicious activity in Sayulita, please dial 045-322-141-5994.

Emergency Numbers for
Bucerias & La Cruz
Numbers for the Police Department in case of emergency are 291-0049 and 291-0666.
General emergency number: 066
Police, Bucerias & La Cruz: 298-1020
Civil Protection (Fire, Ambulance): 291-0295
Ambulance, Santa Rosa Clinic: 298-0157


  1. Can you publish on this section, the ways you have to add numbers on the front of a phone number when calling long distance inside Mexico or calling from cell to landline and vice versa. Thanks

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      We publish a Calling in Mexico ‘blurb’ each week. Usually found on page 2 but occasionally it will be in the back of the paper. It outlines how to call various types of phones from within Mexico. Hopefully you find it helpful. Personally I have it cut out and posted on the fridge. Best, MM

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