I AM PV – Helping the Next Generation of Musicians

Those who enjoy Puerto Vallarta’s vibrant art and music scene know that our local talent pool is in a class of its own. It is incredibly inspiring when those who have taken their talent to the highest levels of accomplishment then dedicate themselves to the next generation of artists and performers.
One such musician, Grammy Award winner Donald Moline, was the principal cellist of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra for years. He has performed often in Puerto Vallarta, generously donating all proceeds to the Instituto de Artes Musicales Puerto Vallarta (I AM PV), a music education non-profit enriching lives throughout the Puerto Vallarta area. Donald works with student musicians directly when he is in Mexico and even tutors one young boy long distance when he is home in Chicago.
Don’s generosity of time and talent have inspired many others to contribute to I AM PV and through the years they have provided dozens of young musicians with instruments to pursue their aspirations. More can be accomplished with your help.
To learn about I AM PV and donate to this great cause, visit: <https://iampv.org/en/