Huge three year plan to boost tourism

In an effort to regain the growth of the tourism sector in Mexico, the federal government and the private sector have joined to invest in the development of various infrastructure projects.
However, the largest investment in tourism will focus on international promotion to counteract negative international press, including in the United States, Canada and Spain.
During the Declaratoria de Instalación del Gabinete Turístico, President Enrique Peña Nieto, explained that the goal is to position the country as a world class tourist power.
To this end, entrepreneurs in the tourism sector will invest 8.631 billion dollars to develop 176 projects over the next three years, said Peña Nieto.
Among the projects to be developed is the construction of new hotels, resorts, restaurants, golf courses, sports centers and improve airport infrastructure.
The infrastructure projects will be undertaken in 17 Mexican states with 27 destinations, of which 11 are cities and 16 beaches.
With this investment, tourism is expected to increase. An impressive 33,107 rooms will be added to the current number with new hotels being built in Baja California, Campeche, Colima, Distrito Federal, Guanajuato, Guerrero, Jalisco, Nayarit, Nuevo León, Oaxaca, Puebla, Querétaro, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, Sinaloa, Sonora and Yucatán.
In order to bring the tourists to fill these new rooms, airlines will put 272 new aircraft into operation. Pablo Azcárraga Andrade, President of the Consejo Nacional de Empresarios Turísticos, said that more than 100 companies in the tourism sector are involved in this goal.
Although the investment currently focuses on the development of infrastructure and tourist services of high quality, the end goal is for Mexico to regain its global position. In 2005 it was in seventh place; in 2007, tenth, and currently occupies the thirteenth place in attracting foreign tourists, according to the ranking of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).
According to official data of the last administration, private investment in tourism grew 60% over the period 2000-2006.
With private investment announced yesterday by President Peña Nieto, the forecast is that tourism will continue as one of the engines that drive the national economy, and that Mexico will again be one of the most visited countries in the world.
Translated: Judith Santiago / Mexican Business Web


  1. Are you going to be able to decrease the crime and drugs in correlation to the amount of rooms being added? Many people do not go the Mexico any more because of all the deaths and crime due to drugs being so blatant. How are you going to improve so people feel more at ease going to Mexico?

  2. I hope that dear “Romantico Puerto Vallarta”has not been forgotten in all these wonderful projects.

  3. After travelling to Mexico on 4 occasions I’ve come to adore Mexico & am very concerned about Mexico’s goals with this spending spree. By spending close to $ 9 billion on hotels, resorts, etc, isn’t this like hosting a party at your house, but blowing money on balloons, banners, signs, flowers, etc, rather than concentrating on why people want to come to your party in the first place? Spend the money on the food, music, better housing & clothes for the party’s hosts. Spend the money on improving what you have, because those are reasons why people come to begin with. Keep in mind that travellers from the US, Canada, Spain etc, already live in crowded cities with hotels, restaurants, fancy airports, etc etc. We don’t want more of that, nor would we want to travel somewhere if that country has decided to embark on a campaign to grow for the sake of growing. We already grapple with that issue on a daily basis and our society is trying to find a better, saner path that is involves living harmoniously with the environment, not bulldozing it for more buildings and more glitz and glam. Thanks for reading. Tengo buen dia. Have a great day!

  4. Governments that do not know or understand the past,are doomed to repeat the great mistakes governments have made in the past. Regarding the Mexican governemnt`s three year plan to develop the tourist industry instead of developing the infrastructure and lives of the Mexican population, I remind them of ancient Ejypt. Ther Egyptian Kings encouraged trade with the seafaring Phenesians. The Phenesians first traded and copied the Egyptian art, and then concored Egypt.

    When a country instead of developing their people and the natural resources, and brings foreign people into their country to see how week and poor the people and country are, they will see that they will be able to take over the country.

    Take thre U.S. for example. The government has borrowed some $22 trillion dollars from many countries and our retirees. The major loaner is China , who has realised that the loaned money can never be paid back, so has demanded the the tresuary bills

  5. Sorry folks, it is a Mexican computer problem ,and the above repluy is the forth try, and was sent incomplete during my composing the reply.

    Completing the last sentance:

    so has demanded the tressuary bills it holds be replaced with sucessful American businesses and properties, such as mining operations.

    There are many ways to take over a country other than by force. They include economically, politically, uncontrolled immigration , destablising the money, by drug cartels, disarming the population, and failing to educate and train the people

    So to the Mexican government, be careful what you ask for, because if history is any indication, you might just get it!

  6. I am only talking about Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta.
    we have a very good airport and good roads,and we certainly have enough hotel rooms,if they are filled then the economy here will be just fine. Do something about the car-rental business.It is redicules to pay $ 10.00 for a car per day and be charged $ 40.00 for insurance,that is a rip-off anyway you look at it.
    this is still Mexico,and I am sorry that they allowed high-rises,soon it will look like Miami and you don’t want that in Mexico.
    I remember when there were people from England-Germany -Holland- and France.
    Now it is mostly Canadien and American and many of those are retiring here,which is wonderful. Improve the infrastructure by going to solar power in a big way since electricity is
    horrendously expensive and sunshine is abundant !

  7. Regarding solar power in Puerto Vallarta and Nuevo Vallarta , a lesson and example may be found in Hawaii that has the greatest concentration of solar cells in the U.S. So many people had solar cells installed on their roofs, that the power lines connection to the electric grid can no longer carry the electric load, and new installations are not being allowed by the utility, until it is decided who will pay for the costly line upgrades.

    Meanwhile all the utility ratepayers will be billed for the expense. If too many ratepayers use solar cells, the utilities may not have sufficient income from electicity sales to upgrade their generation to provide for the load during the nighttime and during storms.

    Also, the manufacture of the solar cells uses a lot of conventional electrical generation and release of CO2, that it often takes a new installation up to five years to offset the CO2 released. A new solar cell installation costing up to $30,000 U.S. is a very expensive investment if it is not allowed to be connected to the power grid.

  8. To my opinion, based in Puerto Vallarta, we do not need more room or more highrises. We need more sophistication in urban planning, a city downtown with style, ambiance and sitting facilities, more greening of spaces, more signage and wayfinding to help tourists use this very efficient and dynamic bus system that we have here, help people find destinations and discover the country, more soft technology for energy producing. Also, better streets and water infrastructures in the “Colonias”. Mind you, life around the bay is exceptional I’d say, close to paradise.

  9. You are correct in saying that Puerto Vallarta does not need more hotels
    but it does need better managemeant of its infrastructure. And newer buses!

    I love Puerto Vallarta!!!!

  10. Things have definitely got worse for Mexico since this article was posted in September of 2013. Recent U.S. government posts question if Mexico is a failing country, that it is run by two governments , one of which is the drug cartels, which are controlling the new poppy fields , such as in Afghanistan where the peasants grow much of the worlds supply of opium . The U.S. is also concerned that ISS may be planning to enter over our southern border and expanding the Mexican drug cartels.

    Another concern is the Mexican government’s revenue to back up their advertised construction plans, and if their new taxes are actually expanding or contracting business.

  11. Mexico has signed on with the United Nation’s Agenda 21 and controlling global warming by cap and trade (taxing) of carbon emissions. While the global temperatures have actually been cooling for the past two decades, the actual normal temperature changes are not known since government geoengineering of the climate over the past several decades, which is the largest contributor to climate changes, has not been factored into the figures that NOHA has been using to make its predictions.

    The geoengineering consists of aluminum and barium particles being injected into the atmosphere by airplane chemtrails and from emissions by boats. These emissions are toxic to both people, animals, and vegetation. Today blood tests have shown that these aluminum and barium metals are showing up in our bodies from inhaling them while breathing. They are also being found in our water supply.

    It is part of a larger agenda aimed tinkering with the Earth’s climate in order to facilitate new regulations which will benefit corporate and government interests.

  12. Now it is the fall of 2016, and the Mexican Paso is down some 45 % just this year, and is over 20.2 Pesos to one U.S. dollar. High Rise Resort buildings are seen around much of the Bay of Banderas, and the beaches are filled with visitors.

    How has the Mexican government helped the Mexican people.?

    And in addition, Mexico is building a wall across it’s southern border, to keep out all the African and Asian migrants who are entering Mexico from South American countries, and adding to the misery of the Mexican people.

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