HUGE San Pancho Community Fair

Entreamigos turns 11 years representing a bridge between cultures, providing educational opportunities for kids and families in San Francisco and the region through creativity, consciousness in environmental actions, love and commitment with the community. 

On Friday March 3, we will showcase the work we do at Entreamigos: productive workshops, recreational and environmental games, story telling, amongst others. We also are collaborating with different organizations with alike purposes in environmental topics. It will be a representative, artsy and cultural event, with music and traditional cooking.

Recognized as a CECA by Semarnat: Educational Center with Environmental Consciousnes,  Entreamigos administrates several environmental educational programs in the community and through out several public schools in the region. Since 2010, Entreamigos runs the biggest Collection Center in the Nayarit Coast, a citizen initiative. A leader in solidary tourism, with more than 1000 international volunteers every year and the scholarship program benefits the future of more than 85 young students, Entreamigos also hosts a large and beautiful library for kids and adults and free classes and workshops for all ages.

The theme of this year 9º Festival de Arte Infantil es “Descubre la Feria Ambiental” is because of our commitment and search for creating and augmenting awareness about the importance of taking care of our environment, and how our actions and attitudes can change our daily lives, to promote a healthier, more loving life between ourselves and the world we live in.

Join in an afternoon with discoveries and fun for the entire family, deepening the concept of sustainability and ways of participating to take care of our environment for a more creative, conscious and loving world!