A horticulturist and sustainability consultant for 18 years Emily runs a part time business in the Bay called Small World Probiotics, the region’s largest fermented foods venture. Emily’s passion is ecology: whether it’s our human micro biome or the greater ecology we are all fortunate to be a part of. She lives with her husband, daughter, two dogs, fourty chickens, ducks and plant collection outside of Lo de Marcos, Nayarit.


6 years ago when my husband Brandon and I traded our snow shovels for flip-flops and moved from Buffalo, NY, to PV, it was a conscious decision to live with a smaller carbon footprint. The tropical screensaver-like backdrop was appealing, to be sure, but other aspects of this zone clinched the deal:

  • The huge potential of edible landscaping! Our horticulturist careers made us nerd out on the range of fruits, nuts and spices that could be grown from India, Africa, southeast Asia, and Latin America, to name a few. One of the many perks of sharing the same line of latitude as Hawaii.
  • And the fact that one doesn’t rely on an omnipresent grid, just to stay above freezing for seven months of the year, a reality effecting 90% of the US, even the southern regions.

This area seemed ripe for new expressions of stewardship and living lightly, a theory that has become reality six years later.

Although our backgrounds were steeped in urban habitat creation, innercity farming, stormwater management and historic estate gardening, the relocation required learning brand new species, strategies and challenges – a humbling situation professionally as well as linguistically. Having one’s adult vocabulary in English compressed into the Spanish of a toddler was quite an adjustment.

Six years later, a market business later, numerous garden installations later, life continues to inspire and surprise. I never expected to be ordering a tank of propane only to have the deliveryman confirm his comprehension of where we lived with a, “Oh! I know where you are – you’re the hippies, right?”. And to be sure, nostalgia for a snow shovel may kick in on those occasions we need to chase a python out of the bedroom. But altogether, moving to the area has been everything we hoped for and more. In the coming weeks, I will be sharing green living tips and news of empowering projects in the region. I look forward to taking a spin around the sun with you, the readers, on this beautiful planet we share.


Emily Majewski
Emily Majewski is Co-Founder of PHYTOSTONE, a small firm based in Nayarit dedicated to creating advanced natural materials for home and garden.