Hotelito Desconocido Sanctuary Reserve and Spa

Hotelito Desconocido provides an experience like no other, combining the spice of “roughing it’ with full bodied seasoning of luxury. It’s not a place for technology addicts or those who enjoy the incessant bass of the all-inclusive, or those who are afraid of bird songs or the gentle shuffle of turtles in the sand.

It is a place so unique that it could well be the greatest destination on earth. Hotelito Desconocido, (precious little known hotel) as it is charmingly called, is set on sixty kilometers of pristine UNESCO protected bird and turtle sanctuary, located about two hours south of Puerto Vallarta in the exclusive Costalgre region.

It offers twenty seven private palafittes with intricately woven thatched roofs, all themed around the Mexican lottoria cards (similar to Bingo but with more personality) and set back on the estuary.

Each is built on stilts to lessen the impact on the land and without electric lights to disturb the night sky. As evening rises an attendant lights a pathway of candles from your cabana to the hotel lobby and El Diablo (the Devil lotteria card) restaurant. Once your eyes adjust you’ll wonder why you don’t live like this everyday.

The spa offers exclusive thalassotherapy treatments based on the theory that exposure to sea air and immersion in warm seawater, mud, clay, and protein-rich algae helps restore the body’s natural chemical balance and once balanced you can soak in the special saline pools.

The apothecary wall in the spa is filled with potions and creams and houses gorgeous antiques over one hundred years old. Many of the furnishings are from the owners’ private collection and others still are crafted onsite by the local towns people.

Most of the food is grown in the resort’s organic farm and there are plans to be fully sustainable in the near future. Half the fun of the beachclub is getting there. Hail a passing row boat or charter one of your own. The beachclub is on the Pacific ocean and offers uninterrupted pristine white sandy beach for miles in each direction.

If the ocean is not for you, and it may not be as the waves and currents can be strong here, there is an Olympic-sized oceanfront infinity pool that offers submersed hammocks and an embedded hot tub. Your biggest challenge may well be how to move from the pool hammock to the hot tub and back to your hammock without spilling your fresh squeezed lime margarita.

The days are peaceful, filled with beachcombing, a soak in the pool, a row or bike ride around the grounds and deliciously organic freshly prepared meals.

The evening are set to the sparkle of the stars and candlelit paths lead you to back to nature. Hotelito captures the essence of the land, respects the natural, and embraces the colour and craft of Mexico, while managing to infuse luxury and quality into everything it does. It’s inspiring

 By Madeline Milne

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