Home Delivery Heaven

Home Delivery Heaven

Something happened to me today that has changed my entire life. I got groceries today, but I didn’t actually have to go to the grocery store. I didn’t have to park, argue about not having my car washed, or push a cart half-heartedly around a too-bright, noisy store.


I didn’t need to wait with an over-full grocery cart behind other equally tired parents. I didn’t have to listen to their children beg, cry, and possibly steal whatever artificially flavored item was conveniently placed at kid-eye-level in the line to the cashier. Friends, I didn’t even have to load OR unload a single item. I helped unload because of the deep gratitude I was feeling, but I certainly wasn’t under any obligation.


I was lying in my pajamas dining on bonbons when the delivery person arrived. I had saved so much time that I didn’t know what to do with myself. Haha. No. That part is a lie. While I am often in my pajamas, I am rarely munching on bonbons (unless you count Snickers bars).

Plus, while I am no stranger to sitting around, I always know what I should probably be doing. I imagine there was a time in my life where I didn’t always know, but I’d say it probably ended around the time George Bush Sr. took office.


What I wanted to tell you all, and am taking the most scenic route to say, is that several stores in Vallarta are now offering home delivery service. They have for some time, apparently, and I was too busy wasting hours shopping for groceries to know this. Luckily I have a friend who heard from a friend, and she couldn’t NOT share this with everyone she knows.


So now, I’m paying it forward by putting this out there in my column because this kind of information saves lives. I know that La Comer and Walmart offer the service. I don’t know of others, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.


And I know what some of you will say: we should be patronizing the mom and pop stores all over Puerto Vallarta, because they are the true heart of Vallarta. And I agree with you, they certainly are. I would not be able to imagine life without the delicious fresh baked pan dulce from the panaderia on my street and the beautiful fruits and vegetables in our local fruterias. I love getting my dried beans and hot tortillas from local markets and shops, and I always will.


But I would like to introduce you to two people who require things like yogurt with no fruit chunks and real cheddar cheese. Smoothies aren’t even real without frozen berries, and life isn’t the same without an occasional lasagna. Before home delivery came into my life with its

magical stress removal machine (aka online ordering), I didn’t have the energy or the time to do it all. Now I can do my online order, and then stop in at the fruit store for fresh off the vine seasonal fruit, and hit up the tortilleria for my favorite yellow corn tortillas.


If you are able to do all your shopping at the mom and pop stores, I encourage you to do so and support your local economy. If the home delivery shopping helps you save some time, be sure to find your Mexican favorites in the smaller stores who need your patronage.


Home delivery service is not perfect. They don’t always have the items I pick out, and they’ll call to try to substitute them. They sometimes come early when I’m not ready for them (but they have never been late so far). But as a busy, hard-working mom, this option has really improved my life. I can imagine how wonderful it will be for shut-ins or parents with very young children (no need to haggle in the candy aisle). And, hopefully, it will enable many of us to use that extra time to stop into some of our wonderful local businesses and give them our

support (and also to spend more time in our pajamas).