Helping Vallarta’s Animals

For those who live part of full-time in the area of the Bay of Banderas or for those who visit, sad animal sights are almost impossible to avoid.
Unwanted animals are born to suffer. They are hit by vehicles, starve, become diseased, are poisoned, abused and abandoned.
And they continue to breed. Neighborhoods are cleaner, quieter and safer with less animals on the streets and wildlife is less at risk for decimation in open spaces and wild places.
Sterilization programs do the greatest good for the greatest number of animals and are the only solution to reducing animal suffering caused by overpopulation. PEACE has spayed and neutered over 4,000 animals annually for the past few years.
Our clinics cost approximately $1,800 US every clinic week.
All donations made to PEACEAnimals in the U.S. and Canada are deductible. For information on how to donate:
P.S. Adopting a dog or cat and taking it back to the U.S. or Canada is simple. Donations of anything a vet, cat or dog can use are needed. Please contact me for further information.