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By the time this issue is out, we will be in full swing with our October clinics, our October speakers programs and our Breast Cancer Awareness Month events! It is a jam-packed month, quite different from the past two months when things were ‘relatively peaceful’. No more. ¡Animo!

I would like to say a huge thank-you to the hundreds of people who posted on Facebook, sent text messages, phone calls and emails after my son’s motorcycle accident. The support was overwhelming and so very much appreciated by our family. Luckily, he is on the mend and this would not have happened without the absolutely stellar nurses and doctors that I work with at Hospital San Javier Marina. Forever in my heart.

Our dazzling Pink Cocktail is on October 4 at Hospital San Javier Marina and we hope you are planning to attend, or did attend if you read this after the 4th. On October 18, 2019 we have our “Pink Cocktail Northern Bay” at Lujo Lifestyles in Bucerias. Last year it was a huge hit and amazing! Our Pink Awareness event at Sanmare is still in the works and will be on October 22 (details out soon) and then we wind up the month with our annual Pink Brunch and Fashion Show at Bravo’s on October 27, 2019. Details for everything are always posted on my Facebook page! And a big shout out to my pink ribbon-makers!

Once again we are lucky to have our ‘contactólogo’ here in Puerto Vallarta and we will hold another Contact Lens Clinic on October 25 and October 26, 2019. This is for folks who are currently using, want to use contacts, have had problems in the past obtaining the proper contact lenses, or those interested in using contact lenses.
Dr. Mario personalizes the test for each eye as he brings many different kinds of contacts (types and materials) in order to offer the patient the most suitable for him/her. This is what makes the difference between going to a big box store or just any optician, and going to a specialist. Email for info/appointment.
October 15, 2019 at 9am we have our very popular “Breakfast with a Physician” where we gather around the big table and drill one of our physicians with all kinds of questions. On October 15 our featured physician will be Dr. Carlos Quintero, our well-loved GP. You can ask anything! RSVP only.
For all details of every single event in October, just send me an email and request our newsletter!
Many are asking for this year’s flu vaccines. They are available for free at the Salud but they have not yet arrived.
Last February’s Medical Matter was a smashing success! I will not do one this year as I have decided to do them every other year.
If you are coming for the winter months alone, it is VITALLY important that you have an emergency plan in place including registering with your consulate online (easy to do, email me for link), make sure your close friends have all of your emergency contacts and someone trustworthy has a key to your place!

As well, for everyone coming for the winter months, please be sure you bring a sufficient amount of your medications as they just not might not be available here!

Here is to a perfectly pink month of October as we salute our breast cancer survivors, remember loved ones who have passed and press on to make all people aware of self-breast exams and mammograms.

Pamela Thompson on Email
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