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Our Pink Cocktail to kick of Breast Cancer Awareness week was a stellar success! The lobby of Hospital San Javier Marina was transformed into a lovely lounge, and the flowers alone were worth the visit! Canapés, wine, pink lemonade along with some super raffle prizes brought approximately 200 people together to make folks aware of breast cancer, to encourage self-breast exams, to honor breast cancer survivors and to remember with love the ones we have lost. Thank you to every single person who attended and participated in making this such a great success.
Now we move forward with other events! Pink Cocktail Northern Bay will be on October 18, 2019, at Lujo Lifestyles in Bucerias! 6 pm to 8 pm. We invite you to stop by, enjoy some nibbles, a pink cocktail, participate in the raffle, and check out the amazing items at Lujo Lifestyles in Bucerias. Let’s all work on Breast Cancer Awareness and Lujo Pink Cocktail is a perfect place to do so. Last year’s event was phenomenal! This is a no-charge event. If you would like to donate some snacks or raffle prizes, please contact Tracy at #500 Lazaro Cardenas, Bucerias.
Clinic Sanmare will present a very interactive event on October 25, 2019, from 6:30 pm to approximately 9:30 pm (across the street from Hospital San Javier Marina, next door to Soriana). Games, snacks, information on proper fitting bras to pin the bra on the lady! For details on both events, follow my Facebook page! It is a very pink and proud month!
On October 22, 2019, Dr. Joel Galindo, orthopedic, will speak on a very common malady, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. There certainly seems to be more of this with all of the texting and typing going on nowadays. 9:00 am at Clinic Sanmare, RSVP, please. No charge.
On October 29, 2019, at 9 am yours truly will try to cover everything one needs to know about healthcare in the area. A mishmash of everything! RSVP, please!
And now I must use the rest of my space to thank so many people who have given support, notes of encouragement, to myself and my neighbors as we caught a horrible side effect from Hurricane Narda. At 6 am while sitting at my home computer, enjoying my morning cup of coffee, I looked down and saw my feet were in a brown liquid. What the hell? Within two hours, my entire house from front to back was up to my knees in water, mud, and gunk as the super heavy rains and clogged drains in my neighborhood had caused this overflow to enter wherever it could. Within a couple of hours, Proteccion Civil was here, and then throughout the day it was non-stop assistance from the bomberos, Proteccion Civil, the President of Puerto Vallarta, Sr. Davalos, friends, neighbors and strangers. I had wanted to downsize but certainly not like this!
All in all, about half of my ‘stuff’ was lost (and stuff is just that, STUFF) and can be replaced. There are way too many people to list here to thank. Just know that we live in an absolutely amazing community of people with huge hearts and strong backs who put aside what they are doing and are always ready to lend a helping hand. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you one and all, and once again, I am so very proud to call Puerto Vallarta my home.
Here is to a very DRY week!

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HealthCare Resources Puerto Vallarta is a multi-faceted, independent, resource network that is here for your TOTAL health and well-being. We offer English-speaking assistance to help find a physician, hospital and/or diagnostic service for any healthcare needs. As well, we are here to answer any health-related questions that you might have in relation to the Puerto Vallarta area.