Health and Wellness: Neuro Science Part 2

Good Day! As I write this article, I realize we are going to need a part 3!

In Part 1 of Neuro Science in last week’s paper I wrote about how “Neural Loops” are created, which is why you do or think the same thing over and over. The result is a complex neural force of networks that form our personality, our identity, and our habits, with every single brain being unique unto itself.

There is also another component that I would like to write about today. The Mind-Body. Neural loops are created by thinking the same thinking and feeling the same thing. Why do we feel the same? And why do we feel it in our bodies? How does this affect our health?  If you ask yourself, does your environment control your thinking, or does your thinking control your environment? Does your personal reality creates your p

ersonality; or does your personality create your personal reality? 

Thoughts create your destiny. We have 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day. 90% of those thoughts are the same as the day before. The same thoughts always lead to the same choices, which create the same behaviors, with create the same experiences, which create the same emotions, which are stored in your body, which create health or disease. Your personality creates your personal reality. How you think, act and feel. Our nerv

e cells that fire together wire together, creating the “loops”. 

There is certainly nothing wrong with emotions. The question is, how long are you going to remain in that emotion? The more you remain in that vibration of emotion, the more it is apt to become your identity, and we store those emotions in our bodies. Physical bodily sensations are linked to your thoughts and experiences.

We have two states of mind: Survival and Creation.  When you’re in a state of continuous stress, your body sends out the chemical hormones that keep you in a state of flight or fight response, putting our sympathetic nervous system into gear. When a mountain lion is chasing down a rabbit, the rabbit goes into flight or flight mode. It’s in survival mode.

Survival equals stress; physical stress, chemical stress and emotional stress.  95% of people in the western world that go to a medical professional go because of a stress disorder. And thought alone can turn on the stress response. We can do short term stress. When the rabbit gets away from the mountain lion 15 minutes later, it goes back to eating grass.

When you keep chemicals released by stress for hours at a time, Dr. Joe Dispenza refers to that as a mood. We may ask, what is wrong with that guy? Oh, well, his wife just left him. He is in a “mood”. When we hold it for weeks or months; Hey, what’s bugging that guy? Oh, well his wife left him 6 months ago; it’s a temperament. When we hold it for years on end; Hey, what’s wrong with him? His wife left him 10 years ago. It has now become a personality trait, and the body has memorized the emotional reaction.

People wear their emotions in layers defining who they are based on their past. And when those refractory period of chemicals are running from the hormones of stress because you’re living in survival mode, “there will always be a “gap” between the way things appear and the way things really are.” The mind is no longer the master.  Long term stress effects deregulate the hormones and down regulate genes to create disease and cause us to feel separate from possibility.

So if we can turn that on by thought alone, wouldn’t that mean that our thoughts can also make us well? Your soul cannot journey into the future when emotions are keeping you stuck in the past. (You can’t take your ‘stuff’ with you.) When you break your addictive emotions you become free. By changing your point of awareness, you change the neural pathways in the brain.

Every time you learn something new, you create a new pathway. Memory is the second part of this. Memorizing and going over what you have learned strengthens the new neural pathways. When you change your pathways to one of joy for example, your mind starts giving your body different hormones, which turn off genes, and turn on other ones. Now is a time that we can come to a greater understanding about our physical conditions.

That is all the space I have for this week. Check in next week for part 3! Why not wear a coat of Happy this week? Contact me for questions or appointments at . Blessing.