Health and Wellness – Neural Science Part 3

Good Day! Previously I wrote about how our neural networks are created, which result in networks that form our habits, identity and personality. Repetitive thoughts create the same behaviors, experiences, and emotions that are stored in our bodies.

When continuously in ‘flight or fight mode’, neural loops and patterns can create disease. When under stress chemicals are released from the brain to the body, activating specific aspects of our genes. You can not be in both modes at the same time. No organism in nature can tolerate living in emergency mode for a long period of time. The ‘stress response’ is what our bodies do to return itself back to order; back to homeostasis. Humans have the same autonomic nervous system as animals that are coordinating the bodily functions.
Cause, Effect and Energy Fields Waiting for something to happen to change the way we feel inside is a materialist approach. It’s the Newtonian model of reality. Defining reality with our senses focuses our attention on the external world. The release of hormones of adrenaline and cortisol cause us to force outcomes and try to make things happen which in turn causes us to feel more like matter and less like energy.

Energy field have been scientifically proven to be around our bodies. We draw light and information from, (what is invisible for most) our Energy Fields. This energy is our vital life field, which turns into chemistry in our bodies. When in flight or fight mode, our energy field around our bodies shrinks. Science has measured this. We become more matter and less energy; more particle and less wave. The body is not emitting any information into the Energy Field. When we experience short term stress, we recover by eating, resting, and return back to homeostasis, expanding and rebuilding the Energy Field again.

Take a moment to view your continuous thought patterns; the ones you go back to when you tell people why you are the way you are. Over and over. Perhaps being continuously angry with your mother, how much you dislike co-workers; the betrayal that happened (how long ago?), what your parents did or how stressed out you are about finances every single day creates continuous stress and it can make you sick. You’ve tapped out your bodies energy resources, and the body is flesh without energy; like a piece of matter that will break down eventually. You become matter trying to change matter in your life.

Matter Trying to Change Matter is when we try to force the outcomes. We push for it, predict it, manipulate and try to control it. When chemicals of stress heighten the brain and body into an aroused state of being, we become materialists defining reality with our senses. We think if we can’t see it, smell it, taste it or feel it then it does not exist. We endorse the ego and become selfish because we are trying to take care of the self.

One time while camping, snuggled in my tent asleep, I awoke needing to go to the bathroom. Sometimes when you don’t want to retreat from your warm bed you wait until you REALLY have to go. Finally, I flipped off the covers, and as I sat up ready to unzip my tent, a very, very long guttural growl cruised past the front of my tent. What happened next was amazing. The adrenaline and cortisol shot through my body. I no longer needed to pee, and was grateful for that, otherwise I would have peed my pants! My body went directly into flight or fight mode, or in this case, hide mode! I waited listening to this mountain lion prowl camp for about 20 minutes, until it was far enough away. Then all of a sudden, boy did I need to pee!

Emotions are Addictive. The more addicted we are to emotions of stress, the more we are reaffirming the nature of the body in survival mode. People in stress spend the majority of life in combinations of anger, aggression, hatred, frustration, prejudiced, control competition, judgment, guilt, shame, victimization, unworthiness, depression, anxiety, fear and sadness, all of which are created by the hormones of stress. Psychology calls those normal states of consciousness. Those are actually Altered States of Consciousness. If our attention point is on matter; on objects, things and people, then we are matter living in matter, caught up in the illusion.

The quantum model is beyond our senses. When we begin to emotionally embrace before its made manifest, we are convincing our mind-body it’s already occurred. Gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving. Clear intention and elevated emotion signal the gene as if it’s already occurred. The mind does not know what is real or imagined.

The frontal lobe is 40% of our brain. We can think about the past or the future (unlike animals) turning on this “stress factor” by thought alone, which, in turn, means our thoughts can create disease.  How long we hold a specific emotion is key.  If we can’t let go of an emotion, it must mean we’re addicted to it. An addiction is something you can’t stop, and is why change is so challenging.

Have you ever noticed that when you are in the present moment how fast time goes? You are so present that you lose track of time and space. We become a creative state of being; pure consciousness. It’s an amazing and powerful moment connecting us to the unified quantum field. Moving emotions out of the body is essential to create new neural pathways and patterns in the brain, allowing the brain to reorganize, connect, and synthesize. Creating our energy field to expand; becoming more wave than matter, more energy than particle. We feel blessed, happy and connected with something greater than one’s self and experience feelings of unlimited potential. We feel empowered. These energies change our destiny.

We do not create our patterns overnight. Changing thoughts and emotions that are not serving you is a choice in every present moment. Open your heart. Focus on possibility. We already know how to do this. Changing is to be greater than the body and time. This takes inner work.  By practicing the Quantum Model with new learning and creating new pathways every day, we can create a new personality that creates our reality. The quantum field only responds to WHO you are being.

If you are interested in assistance releasing your emotions stored in your body, and changing your neural pathways I am available to assist. Blessing.