Health and Wellness: Creating Happiness From Within

No one ever taught me about happiness when I was growing up, and I speculate that this could be the same for many of us. We are not taught to focus our attention on happiness within ourselves. Most of us have been programmed to look at what is wrong, instead of what is right, and what feels great. We end up not feeling good enough.

When we think about the energy of happiness and ask ourselves what makes us happy, we usually tend to look outside ourselves for those examples of happiness. For example, we may say we are happy when we are on the beach, or snowboarding, or watching a beautiful sunset. And I agree… as we do love and enjoy these things.

We also project our need for happiness upon others. For example, “When I am with you I am happy” or, “You make me happy”. Or, I could be happy only if…  Being dependent by relying outside yourself for happiness can be short-lived and can create a pattern of co-dependency. If you miss that beautiful sunset does that make you feel unhappy for a moment or two?

When we are feeling unhappy in our lives, it can mean that we need to make some profound life changes. This may be a different job, partner, food/diet, more exercise, etc. What we choose to surround ourselves with does have an effect on our psyche. However, no matter what is happing outside, happiness is more about what is happening inside you.

When you are feeling the energy of happiness, have you noticed how great your day goes? You feel more energetic and alive; feeling like you can achieve it all! You are actually carrying a higher vibration, which in turn attracts more of what you are resonating! However, remember all of our vibrational energies attract our experiences to us, low or high.I would say the pursuit of happiness has been searched for more than anything else. Begin by focusing inside!The Mind Body
Our minds have a connection with our bodies. Our brain controls bodily functions. Our mind sends energy to our bodies. When our bodies are happy, our minds are also happy and vice-versa. Our conscious mind is extremely powerful. Most folks are not conscious of being conscious. How you choose to think and feel will make all of the difference in your world; in every present moment.

So, how do we let go of old thought patterns that are not on the positive vibe of happy?

First, I would suggest reprogramming the neural pathways in your brain. This can be done with a hypnotherapist, daily meditation focusing inside and building on the vibrations of happiness, and letting go of the past.(HUGE) and what has been handed down to you. Build the energy of “Happy”! Your mind only knows what it knows, and does not know what it does not know. So, start by telling it something different! Then new neural pathways can be created and old ones disconnected.

The bottom line here is that happiness is actually a CHOICE. It is up to us to create our own ‘Happy Map”. This is not to say that some events in our lives are challenging, but we can always choose to come back to the vibration of happy. I also suggest as you do this work within, be grateful, and most importantly, be pleased with yourself! Being pleased with yourself does not mean you’re better than others. It is an energy that is in alignment with happy. This is an inside job… and it’s all up to you! As one of my mentors’ states, “HOW WILL YOU CHOOSE?”

Next week’s article is all about the neural pathways in the brain. For questions, comments, or if you would like to choose to have assistance in clearing old patterns please contact me at Create a HAPPY Day!