Health and Wellness: Gratitude

I would like to begin this article with deep gratitude. There was so much more I wanted to write about in the last three segments about “Neural Science” and our state of being. More about genes, more about breath, more about the mind body, remembering who you really are; there is always so much more.  I only have so much room in my weekly articles.

And so I give gratitude, first, to my beautiful and amazing editor, Madeline, for this opportunity to write every week; and for stretching it at times! Thank you! I give gratitude to a very long list of mentors and teachers who have enlightened my life in so many ways and teaching me how to consciously expand my consciousness by focusing inside, creating well being; as I create my destiny here on earth.  I give gratitude to myself, as I continue to DO the work of focusing inside myself and continue learning from others that have come before me. I also hold gratitude, and honor, to be a teacher and mentor and empowering others to live a life of love, health and happiness.  This is my life’s path.

Creating New Beliefs
What would you like to create today? What would be your pure, focused intention? When we want to create an unlimited belief we must feel unlimited. To empower a new belief is to become empowered.Why not take a chance? Raise your energy. Raise it through the roof! Create happiness. Create health.

Radiate the belief around you. Breathe it in; feel it; walk with it. And then surrender it to a greater consciousness. It must manifest in space and time first; that is the ‘Law of Attraction’.  Bless your body and life. Place your focus on the space inside your chest; your heart. Ask Divine to enter. And then give gratitude. Gratitude is the energy of receiving. Be OPEN to receive what you create.

Live consciously and create more happiness and health than you ever thought possible. After, all, in the quantum field, how many potentials are there? You guessed it: Unlimited potentials. Be consciousness of what you let in, as this becomes your destiny.

We are powerful creative beings of light and love. Most of us have simply forgotten. I am here to assist in the letting go, the creating, and the remembering of who you truly are. I cannot DO this for you, but I can lead the way, making it easier to walk on the path. As everything unravels on the planet, a new consciousness is also coming into place.

This is my soul’s path and why I am here now living this life. And for this I am honored, and give gratitude from the deepest parts of my being and soul. Thank you.