Tuesday the 9th and Wednesday the 10th will be your very last chance to take an IFC Home Tour this season. Since the tours started almost 3,000 people have enjoyed a three-hour tour of three or four wonderful homes that are tucked away behind high walls and heavy doors in downtown or perched on cliffs or hills facing onto the bay.
The tours start at 10:30am from the Sea Monkey Restaurant, which is on the beach at the foot of Aquiles Serdan and offers a coffee or a breakfast beforehand.
It’s best to buy your tickets ($700 pesos) online at www.ifctoursforvallarta.com or on the day of the tour at the Sea Monkey, between 9:00 and 10:00am
Many of the homes are on cobbled streets or contain a few flights of stairs so knees and hips that work as they should are best.
The very generous homeowners who allow us to show their homes to you, our guests, are very supportive of the work that IFC does and they know that all income from the club is used to fund free cleft palate surgery for local children and to support over twenty charities in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area.
These will be the last two tours of this season of the IFC Home Tours since the tours started in 1985. To all our homeowners, we offer the sincere thanks of IFC and the children whose lives we help to make better.

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John Warren
John Warren is in charge of Publicity for the International Friendship Club (IFC). His articles describe the programs and charities that IFC supports, the sources of income of IFC and the social experiences, lectures and classes that members can enjoy.
He splits his time between Puerto Vallarta and Lethbridge, Alberta. In the winter months he writes for the IFC, this summer he’s focusing his writing on the environment.