GLOBALeAPPS congratulates Engage Mexico on its 5th Social Media Conference

GLOBALeAPPS is a gold level sponsor of the Engage Mexico, Social Media Conference #5 which will take place the 14th – 17th of November at the Sheraton Resort & Conference Center in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

GLOBALeAPPs has been directly selling mobile apps to businesses in the United States and Mexico for more than 2 years and has just merged with a company in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico named Love Going Social which is a 3 year established marketing, web and social media company.
According to David Tarr “This completes our company as a total e-solutions company.”

GLOBALeAPPS offers a wide variety of e-solutions that can work in any size business and with any budget.
The fifth Social Media conference is about to take Puerto Vallarta by storm!! Not only will there be plenty of excellent speakers on every subject matter for social media enhancements, but… there will be the experienced team of GLOBALeAPPS, who are certified Apple and Android app developers to answer any questions first hand on what goes into creating the perfect app for any size business.

About Engage Mexico
Engage Mexico, Social Media Conference is designed for business owners, community managers, and social media enthusiasts who are eager to learn more about this marketing technique as a way to grow their business and enhance their web exposure.
There is a special Pre-Conference just for Real Estate marketing in Mexico’s ever changing environment.
Currently, the event’s roster of expert speakers include Jay Handler, Lon Safko, Marco Ayuso, Guillermo Perezbolde, Andre Bourque, Brian Massey, Janet Fauts, Jeff Barrett, Madeline Milne, Alonso Reyes, Juan Luis Chavez, Jamie Turner, Andrea Vahl, Viveka von Rosen, Fernando Labastida, Alvaro Ferreira as well as many others..
For more information and to register for the Engage Mexico, Social Media Conference # 5 please visit

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  1. Not being able to be in Puerto Vallarta this November , I would be looking forward to reading about Madeline’s topic and presentation in a future issue of the Vallarta Tribune.

    Social media aps seems to be an important thing for members of my family as they spend much time with their I-Phones, and I-Pads, etc. One of my concerns is with the American government , business, and persons, accumulating data from social medium users.

    It was the fax machines that undid the former Soviet Union, and today it is the social media that seems to be taking away the individual privacy. Today with delivered mail, it is necessary to shred unwanted mail before placing in the garbage cans to avoid people gaining information when they search through them.

    Your flat screen TV and monitors are being provided with cameras that can be turned on remotely to watch you. And your I-phones are not private anymore. Even your delivered mail from the post office is being scanned by the government, so be sure to use security envelopes. Myself, I use a land line, and do not have a cellphone.

    You may not have heard the story where the children in a remote African village were provided with free laptops, and were given no instruction. Soon most of the children had figured out how to use them to communicate with the others, and one especially bright boy discovered that it was provided with a camera, and figured out how to use it.

    Chimps have been provided I-phones with special aps that allow them to communicate with other chimps. Its scary !

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