Gigante will operate Radio Shack again

Retailer buys 251 stores in Mexico seven years after it was bought out. Retailer Grupo Gigante will return to the electronics business with its purchase of Radio Shack stores in Mexico.
It announced yesterday it will buy Radio Shack’s 251 Mexican stores for US $31.8 million through its subsidiary Office Depot de Mexico. The stores generated sales of 1.7 billion pesos (US $115 million) last year. Gigante ran the Radio Shack stores in Mexico from 1992 until 2008, when the United States-based Radio Shack Corp. bought out its joint-venture partner. In February, Radio Shack filed for bankruptcy.
Gigante said it had the experience of successfully operating the business until 2008 and is aware that changes in the business model will be necessary. The firm said it will act quickly to put a new strategic plan into place. The sale will require regulatory approval in Mexico and confirmation by a bankruptcy court in the U.S.
Grupo Gigante was a major player in the supermarket business until it sold most of its stores to Soriana in 2008.
It has since bought Office Depot and acquired Restaurantes California and Beer Factory.

Mexico News Daily

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  1. Funny thing regarding Radio Shack. We have had a Radio Shack store in my shopping street in San Francisco for as long as I can remember. Actually back in the 1960s , a supervisor in my office at work purchased a Radio Shack Giger counter kit to test for radiation in his backyard after it rained. The water puddles were highly radioactive . However over the past several years, the Radio Shack store in my neighborhood has gone out of business several times, only to gut the store, and completely rebuild inside the store and restock with merchandise , and then have another store closing sale with discounts of 50 to 75 percent. Now the store is empty again.

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