Gearing up for Winter

I am sometimes mildly disoriented to find that time has kept moving forward. I hear people in the north telling me about cooler weather, storing outdoor furniture, and their planned menu for Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, right. It must be autumn. The changes in climate around Banderas Bay are more subtle than the four distinct seasons I’m used to. Therefore, I rely on my spidey-sense to alert me to the slightest of developments. Looking around lately, I’ve determined that special time of year must be nearing. After a long, humid summer, the bay is quietly stirring, yawning and stretching, fully waking up. From northern towns, through Vallarta and along the south shore, main thoroughfares and side streets, folks are preparing for another busy season. In Bucerias, we see some shops and restaurants temporarily closed as they renovate, update, and generally freshen up, allowing employees to take a few days of vacation time. Groundskeepers are clearing, cutting, and shaping the greenery that exploded from sunshine and rain over the past months. The faded “no parking” curbs are suddenly radiant yellow with a new coat of paint, and the trunks of towering palms lining the roads are gleaming white. Contractors are working hard to finish up projects in time for renters; big trucks rumbling down narrow streets to deliver materials to the worksite; workmen declaring the plan to each other as they coordinate a heavy lift. Entertainment venues are advertising their upcoming events (some selling out!), and in the coming weeks, banners will be hung, describing community events. There’s a feeling of preoccupation and engagement in readying for the influx of visitors; a barely contained excitement in knowing the high season is approaching. I’m sure those of you who spend the winter here are itching to come back as well. In the background, I imagine volunteers are being coordinated, recreational groups are pre-planning, and social committees are reaching out to past members. Soon there will be mini-reunions happening, with hugs and handshakes and lots to catch up on. Those initial greetings will grow into devising particular plans, sometimes enlarging the group as friends run into other friends known from seasons before. And with winter ahead, the Vallarta Tribune will get fatter. Same for me. It’s OK to start counting the number of “sleeps” until you arrive. We know you’re looking forward to it because we are too.
Safe travels, everyone.