An attraction in any part of the world is gastronomy, because you can go from the traditional to the Gourmet, and Puerto Vallarta has a great variety of places from north to south, since you arrive, the gastronomic offer is everywhere. In Marina Vallarta you can find restaurants with traditional, Gourmet and international cuisine for grand tourism, on the main avenue and the bay, as well as the delicious buffet bar at the resorts.
Continuing through the north of Puerto Vallarta, on the main avenue, the restaurant offer is wide and with a great atmosphere, either by day or night.
When you go to the downtown area, along the boardwalk, there are places of tradition, from their drinks to the food they will make you feel the tropical atmosphere or some typical snack, the kind that they sell in street stalls or traditional markets.
In the romantic zone, they go from cozy places to open with tables on the sidewalks, with a more bohemian atmosphere and a traditional Mexican town, but also the Gourmet and international take place in this area. The combination of the bay and an exquisite dish on the shore of the beach, make a special moment at any time of day with the excellent panoramic view at the beach level or in a roof garden.
The gastronomic offer of the southern area reaches to the last of the beaches of Banderas Bay, with its restaurants, arches, neighborhood cuisine, palapas or grilled seafood skewers.
Such is the passion for gastronomy that great Gourmet festivals take place throughout the year, where famous chefs with Michelin stars are part of them. Throughout Puerto Vallarta there are restaurants that offer the best of the menu of the sea and other specialties, within reach of any pocket.
Gastronomic festivals
Puerto Vallarta conquers the palates of its visitors, so much so that it is known as a world-class gourmet destination, for having a great gastronomic offer, and restaurants of all kinds that have a range of flavors that go from traditional to traditional. international.
On several occasions the Food and Travel Reader Awards, awards that recognize the chefs, restaurants, destinations, hotels, spas, airlines, cruises, travel agencies and loyalty programs preferred by their readers, have positioned Puerto Vallarta in various types of nominations.
In addition, the International Gourmet Festival, an event of culinary excellence that takes place in this beautiful destination at the end of November and the beginning of December, year after year delights the palates of its attendees with the creations of the top chefs who collaborate.
Vallarta Nayarit Gastronomica, is another great event on a world scale that takes place at the end of October and beginning of November, where chefs awarded with Michelin stars expose their talent, leaving their mark and further enriching the culinary range of the Port.

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