Garza Blanca Preserve, expands with “TIERRALUNA” and “LEMURIA”

By Brenda Beltrán

With an investment of approximately 500 million dollars, TAFER Hotels & Resorts, presented the Garza Blanca Preserve Project, which comprises a development of 780 hectares, divided into two stages, the first, called Garza Blanca Sur, composed of three sections, which includes Luxury Hotels, “LEMURIA” and “TIERRALUNA”.

The second stage will be “Garza Blanca Los Arcos”; The remaining 322 hectares will be considered, for a development that is in the preliminary phase, and that will undoubtedly be a great contribution to this tourist destination. The presentation was in charge of the president of the TAFER Group, businessman Fernando González Corona.

“Today, we share with you the launch of this first stage in which, in a period of 7 years and with an approximate investment of 500 million dollars, we will be able to conclude and make available 1,328 keys between beach hotels, La Garzetta hotel, Echoes Hotel and 2 boutique hotels, as part of the Grand Luxury Hotel development and 2 Condominium Real Estate developments, “Mountain Villas”, single-family residences, a 2,200-square-meter spa and a tree house development ”.

The Garza Blanca Preserve development master plan was designed and coordinated by Gensler, a prestigious international architecture and urban planning firm.

Likewise, in this same stage, for 18 months, the “TIERRALUNA” project has been started, a commercial and entertainment center in the open air that includes 4 gourmet restaurants, shops of natural products, handicrafts and more; since it will be concluded in April 2021.

On the other hand, Mauricio Montes de Oca, Real Estate of the TAFER group director, explained what the Real Estate Development “LEMURIA” will be.

“LEMURIA, it is a 100% residential condominium that consists of 4 buildings that will offer luxurious residences with four bedrooms, utility rooms, impressive panoramic views of the entire Bay of Banderas.”

LEMURIA will offer a family concept where, at the same time, adults can enjoy the facilities dedicated exclusively to them.

Residents will be able to go to the underground parking lots which will have electricity supply, there will be impressive panoramic views and will have the option to choose between swimming in one of the three pools with an Infinity effect, cooking a barbecue with the family; there will be gyms and even gardens, among other services that will be offered.

For his part, Mayor Arturo Dávalos Peña congratulated businessman González Corona for this project since, apart from adding more hotel keys in Puerto Vallarta, thousands of jobs are generated.

Finally, the businessman González Corona reported that despite the pandemic, the months of September, October, November and the projection for December speak of a last four-month period of 2020 at the height of the last four-month period of 2019. Therefore, this project will create 1,800 direct permanent jobs and 6,100 indirect jobs.