Galeria Pacifico Resumes the Free Malecón Sculpture Tours

Another season of Galeria Pacifico`s Free Malecon Sculpture Tours will start at 9:30 on Tuesday morning, November 13, the tour`s thirteenth year. Two days later the Free Sunset Malecon Sculpture Tour will begin its second season at 6:00 on Thursday evening, November 15.

The morning tour starts at the north end of the Malecon next to the rear of the Hotel Rosita, where the creator of the Millennium sculpture, Mathis Lidice, speaks extensively about that sculpture while guests enjoy seating provided by the Rosita. When the walking starts Kevin Simpson of Peyote People Gallery explains the Huichol Indian symbols created by small black pebbles imbedded in the pavement. The tour lasts about one hour and a half, ending at Galeria Pacifico where free beverages are served.

The sunset tour starts at 6:00 at Galeria Pacifico´s second floor location at 174 Aldama Street, between Juarez And Morelos Streets and only 75 feet from the Malecon. This hour and a half tour goes south along the Malecon to the Demetro Galeria across from Lazarro Cardenas Park and features the sculptor Jim Demetro, who explains his projects and how bronzes are made, while his wife Eva offers wine and snacks.

The owner of Galeria Pacifico, Gary Thompson, serves as the guide of both of these tours, and he is assisted by Memo Lira of Vallarta 101 tour company. The sculpture tours are in support of Vallarta´s nonprofit library and cultural center, Biblioteca Los Mangos, which receives no government funding. Representatives of Los Mangos are present at the end of both tours to explain their many worthwhile projects and services, and to gratefully accept any donations offered to help support these activities.