Galeria June Rosen López is reopening for the 2019 – 2020: season

She has lots of new designs and of course a few of the classics. After a stimulating summer of being in Puerto Vallarta, New Mexico, New York and Greece she is ready to settle in and share her latest jewelry designs with you.

This year June reflects on the reality of the amount of time she has been living in Puerto Vallarta. She arrived here in the fall of 1979 and can hardly believe that 40 years has passed so quickly and so easily. It is hard for June to imagine being any other place for this amount of time.

Her life between Puerto Vallarta, New York and YELAPA has truly influenced her designs and creativity.
She reflects on different periods of her life and the changes in her work. Traveling between New York , YELAPA. And Puerto Vallarta have shaped June’s life and influenced her creativity in ways that she never imagined possible.

There is the early period of her work when she was still studying and always considering making a masterpiece! .In the early 80;s when she was more of a free spirit and was designing jewelry that had the whimsical touch of YELAPA in it. Then she had a child on her own and had to really produce ,and was selling at her store in Puerto Vallarta and doing shows in New York, probably her most productive time, the 90’s.

There was the post September 11, 2001 period where she opened her gallery in her home in Puerto Vallarta and started to be aware of how life can change so quickly.Like everyone in this world September 11th ,2001,was very influential in her being and her reality. Up until that day everything in her world had been pretty planned out, that day she realized you just never know. Now with a grown son and a wonderful Grandaughter and daughter in law, she has the opportunity to travel .There is a more relaxed sense and a feeling of new opportunity , you can see how her travels have influenced her work.June continues to find inspiration from those around her and from the places she visits.

Those who know June and have attended her shows and gone to her gallery know how delightful it can be to just have a chat with her. Don’t miss her gallery while you are visiting Puerto Vallarta, it is a must. You will feel right at home. She is open from 12 to 6 , Monday to Friday , and if that is not convenient , just give her a call or an email. She will gladly adhere to your schedule. She is located at Francisca Rodriquez # 200 , colonia Emiliano. Zapata.
The gallery is in her home, on the same street as the pier in old town. Her numbers are 322 222 5049,gallery , Mexican cell. 322 779 6491, u,s land line ( rings in mexico);646 2916852 and u.s cell 646 338 7373
Email :