Fun on the Riviera Nayarit

By Cat Morgan

San Pancho News
It’s currently San Pancho Days, with the 4th of October being the biggest day for events and live music. There are tons of booths, live music and fun for the entire family! Everything is free except the Rodeo, with tickets selling for 180 pesos.
This storm caused many mud slides on Hwy 200 and on the jungle road to the north. The runoff from the San Pancho lagoon had snaked its way northward in front of Restaurant La Pearle. It cut a steep ten foot bank that almost threatened the restaurants above, so please watch where you’re walking! (This also happens at the Lo de Marcos estuary at the north end of the playa).
The San Pancho beach is a terrible mess of floating debris and plastic, mostly from the Areca and Sayulita rivers. The surface of the beach looks like a battle scene! Just as the beginning of the monsoon season, the end can come quite suddenly! During the week of September, the humidity dropped, temps have also dropped, and the skies are clear. A little clean up and we will be back to normal tropical paradise.
Turtle News on
the Riviera Nayarit
Due to the fact that there are still so many turtle egg poachers that come from nearby coastal towns to poach eggs, new turtle camps are in the works, and Sayulita’s Tortuga project is up and running. Poachers do not leave any eggs behind, which is why the beaches that they come from no longer have a turtle population. Some of the poachers also kill the turtles for the meat…and take the eggs.
Sayulita’s turtle camps on the go! Check out their facebook page at Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita. It is written in Spanish. They launched the program last month, saving turtle eggs from being poached, walking the beaches at night (when the turtles come and lay the eggs) and having fun with many turtle releases.

Lo de Marcos
Is also starting a new Turtle Program, and it’s just getting under way. The first meeting was September 29th, with about 20 town volunteers. The details are getting ironed out. There is a lot to do and know about creating a Tortuga Project! Here is a wonderful video from Great video of the Playa Chila turtle camp created by XaltembaTV and Juan Gonzalez. Showing how much work is involved, how a turtle digs a nest and lays eggs. Very amazing footage! Copy to your browser!

San Pancho Tortuga Project / Grupo Ecológico
de la Costa Verde, A.C.
The San Pancho Tortuga Project has worked miracles for the turtle population there. By the end of September they had recorded over 869 nests, and placed 578 in the box nursery. The nursery, up toto day has produced over 20,025 hatchlings at a survival rate of 83 % according to founder / director Frank D. Smith. The beach nursery received 232 nests with 17 nests left on the beach, and poachers running off with 42 nests.

New Turtle Project
Requirement Laws
In February, Grupo Ecológico de la Costa Verde, A.C. received new instructions and common sense rules from the Mexican Government. Franks stated,
“This ten page document contains instruction and regulations that speak of, but are not limited to, the “Protection of native habitat”, “Off-road vehicles”, “Artificial lighting”, and “Spectators.” The Mexican Government has identified the Spectator as one of the most serious problems facing the protection of the hatchlings today. The problem began when businesses catering to the tourist trade and some nurseries used the hatchlings as a way of drawing customers and/or donations, while the tourist was only an innocent spectator in this equation.”
To read the entire post, please visit
Over time, rules were bent out of enthusiasm to entertain the public and placed hatchlings at risk of survival. So, what this all means, taking new measures to project the species has gone into effect, and only the trained staff will be able to handle hatchlings, eggs and adult turtles at the San Pancho Turtle Project. Tourists and the towns people are welcome to come join and observe, work and help with moving the nest boxes, gathering sand and taking sand back to the beach, and can join in on the buggy at night if there is an open seat available.
Help to support the turtle projects with donations, or your time and energy. Many thanks to Frank for the information and beach photo.

See you on the Riviera Nayarit!
Cat Morgan owner of Riviear Nayarit Fun Regional Network can be reached with any comment, questions, or Riviera News!


  1. With a Mexican poor population where free food is being given out, people will do most anything to feed their families. Rob a bank, a store, or another person …even steal turtle eggs and the turtles for food.

    New regulations require additional law enforcment. Will the city or state provide the enforcement, or as stated, volunteers will patrole the beaches at night ?

    Remember what is hapening in Africa where the poachers are killing or taking the animals for proffit. This is happening even when the park rangers are armed with rifles.

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