From Here: We’ll Take the Fifth

USA Today ran a “Reader’s Choice” contest in April to find North America’s “Top Ten Botanical Gardens.” An honor to be even included in the lofty list of formal, established and venerated Gardens in the United States and Canada. Our Vallarta Botanical Garden was in the top 20 again this year, and I must say, the voting was fast and furious especially from this computer! The bottom line is we finished fifth overall. Outstanding, really, if you think about it: we don’t have any “Duponts” to give Founder and Curator Robert Price, unlimited access to money, nor any government funding at all. Just the “People” pay for our Garden, so ALL of us share in this respectable showing. We were also the ONLY Garden chosen in the entire Republic of Mexico, and the VBG is not even fifteen years old. Give us a hundred more years, and the “Duponts” can take a hike…
Exciting young tenor Alejandro Peña teamed up again with pianist Bob Bruneau and threw another grand concert at Incanto last week. A couple more operatic arias were added including “La Donna E Mobile” fromVerdi’s ‘Rigoletto.’ Lovely Mary Porter, soprano, was invited onstage to sing “Time to Say Goodbye” withAlejandro. Mary is new in town, and I sincerely hope we heard the beginnings of a brand new friendship. She was invited back for the encore at the end of the night much to the delight of the audience.
Every first Sunday of the month, Julie Guerrero throws a “Colonia Clean-Up” from her office on Lazaro Cardenas. She provides garbage bags and long tongs to use as “trash grabbers.” My sister Patrice and I spent a few hours on Sunday doing river detailing. I will never again leave my house without at least two plastic bags – one for a ‘glove’ and the other to hold whatever I would normally walk by or over. Smokers: knock off with flicking your butts wherever you like. Own the habit, please, and take your butts home with you. You can put them out on the street/sidewalk but then exercise your right to bend down, pick them up and put them in your own plastic bag and dispose of them yourself. One of the least biodegradable hazards in Vallarta’s streets.
Julie also had a large urn of coffee ready to get us fired up and fueled by a platter of fresh fruits. Don’t forget: JG Group offices 421 Lazaro Cardenas, 9:30 am every first Sunday of the month all year long. Over 24 bags of garbage were collected last Sunday. Thanks to all the volunteers who participated in keeping Vallarta lovely.
Kelly’s Pour Favor on Lazaro Cardenas features the band Tequila Rush every Wednesday night at 8:30. This is the group that did the outstanding tribute to Led Zeppelin in March at the Roxy Rock House. Tequila Rush is an old fashioned kick-ass rock and roll band with 300 or so covers under their belts. There isn’t much they can’t play and Danny, their lead singer slides from the Police to Jimi Hendrix; Robert Plant to the Beatles and Van Morrison with such ease it is almost scary how his voice changes! Keeping in mind that most of the band is Latino and most weren’t even born in the heyday of the groups they emulate perfectly – the music they produce is absolutely exhilarating. Catch them Friday night’s at Captain Don’s over by Ley’s.
May 18, 11 pm, again at the Roxy, Tequila Rush offers up a tribute to the Rolling Stones. You will not be disappointed that I can guarantee!
Hold each other hard, feel the love and give it away with a smile, From Here.

Marcia Blondin

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  1. Good for you out there gathering trash that would otherwise end up in the Banderas Bay. Thanks for tackling the cigarette butt disposal issue. There are personal disposal items for cigarette and cigar smokers to use while in public or visiting in someones home where smoking isn’t welcome. Why leave your host with the chore of cleaning up after you even when you smoke just outside of their home. You can purchase many different styles of holders, including engraved styles, on line.

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