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The gala for the Vallarta Garden Club went splendidly well. Over 200 people bid on silent auction items before dinner, imbibed massive amounts of wine that was donated (again!) by Paul Crist of Hotel MercurioNicholas Pinney decorated with orange and yellow and flowers so lovely they appeared to be carved of wax. Everyone was dressed beautifully for the Fiesta del Sol; Amy Armstrong and Piel Canela donated their music that was much appreciated by all. Dancing on the edge of the river and the sea went on and on into the night. Again, Lucy and her staff at Oscar’s worked hard and smiled through it all.

I had lunch with cellist Donald Moline at Incanto last week. He has been immersed in rehearsals for the World Premiere of “Sonidos de Vallarta” a suite written by John Kreitler for cello, piano, flute, and clarinet. If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, hurry up! This year the concert will take place in town on the Rio Cuale Island at the Cultural Center.

I asked Donald why there, and he surprised me by telling me how incredibly good the acoustics were. They have had a couple of rehearsals there, and Donald said, “It sounds just like Carnegie Hall.” Well, coming from one who knows, I would say we are in for a rare treat come Saturday night at 7.

I also spoke to Daniel Oliveros, who is the director of I AM PV and will be playing clarinet for the concert. Daniel talked to me of some of the planned changes for the Island: To incorporate more of the outdoors by using glass for the renovations of the classrooms fronting the river. The Island is woefully underused, but it is being tidied up nicely for the upcoming concert. This fundraiser is the most important of the year for I AM PV (Instituto de Artes Musicales Puerto Vallarta). I hope to see you there!

Until then, be kind and start hugging people you don’t know – it’s a great intro, From Here.


Marcia Blondin

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