From Here: Salted Foot

I am having the best time these days handing out certificates and window stickers to the Winners of the Tribune’s latest Pata Salada Awards. I have a big stack left to deliver, but it’s been great bringing smiles to friends/clients/neighbors who have won; many of them two years in a row. Remaining number one in the People’s Choice survey include Intercam Bank (LOVE dealing with them!), and Lemongrass Boutique (gorgeous tropical clothes and accessories). Luisa’s (Best Clothing Designer; she opened her store the same year I moved to Vallarta in 1991!) also won again as did Metamorfosis Day Spa. I finally went to the latter for a pedicure to find out WHY they have won twice. Places to get massages/manicures and pedicures are as common as OXXO’s in Vallarta, so I put myself in Isla’s capable hands last week and let her tackle my toes. Everything in Metamorfosis is sterile except the atmosphere and the warmth and expertise of the staff. The salon is not the least bit pretentious; just cozy. And busy! People emerging from their massages all had that slightly dazed, barely able to talk or walk with blissed-out expressions. Some made it as far as the manicure table…then – why the hell not? – let’s do pedicures, too! I chatted up everyone that was handy; the consensus across the board – Metamorfosis is the best spa. Period.
I walked up the hill from Metamorfosis to meet Kathrin at Signature/Pinnacle Resorts to give her the certificate from the Tribune. I have spent quite a few happy hours in their winning-est bar with the killer views and Beautiful People enjoying cocktails in splendid surroundings. Did you know they have almost finished their third building? It should be up and running by January 2020, offering more premium rental space for people who really want a hassle-free luxury vacation.
For 22 years in Lagos de Moreno, Jalisco, awards have been handed out for the best theatre productions in the state. Vallarta has been in the ‘Winner’s Circle’ at that event for the past few years, and many dear friends from Vallarta are competing as we speak. Essential names in Vallarta Theatre circles including Ramiro Daniel, Cesar Bravo, Alain Perrault, Samantha Dueñas, Juan Pablo Hernandez, Juan Carlos Ramirez, the cast of Princesas Desesperadas, Perro Bravo Productions, and Paco Ojeda, attending for the first time. Paco did the sound, light, and video for ‘El Pequeno Poni’ which is up for Best Play; he will likely have some fabulous photographs – watch for them on Facebook. Good luck to everyone or, as they say in Spanish, “Mucha mierda.”
Had a wonderful ‘farewell for the summer’ luncheon with Lalo at Co-exist Café. Lalo, our jewelry expert from Marsol Friday Market, will spend the summer tracking down estate sales in San Miguel de Allende and bringing those treasures back for all to ogle in November. Co-exist is really one of the best restos in Old Town Vallarta – Bill Makley turned me on to it a couple of years ago, and it never disappoints. Half of Bill’s office, Vallarta CoWork was there the same day (including Bill!) along with ArtVallARTa’s Nathalie Herling. Give it a try!
Not too many Sunday brunches can beat feet-in-the-sand at La Palapa. Skip and wife Nancy, Margareta and Mikey, Sculptor Jim Demetro and wife Eva, and I had a grand reunion after months of not seeing one another. We spent hours catching up and making tentative next-season plans for Rodolfo, Vallarta’s blind tenor. One of the things we discussed was finding a manager/agent for Rodolfo, so I’ll just throw that out there; my email address is at the top of this column. Please drop me a line if that interests you or someone you know…
I attended a lovely housewarming in Versalles last week. There were tables covered with food catered by “U.N.I,” personal chef services provided by husband and wife team Aric and Yukari Bianchi. Desserts kept arriving, and I kept sampling…To Dwayne and Michelle – I hope you have many, many happy years in your beautiful new home.
It occurred to me a few days ago that there may be more than two people out there who have no idea what I do with the other half of my life that is not spent in theatres, restaurants, cool parties, and gallery openings and then writing about them! I am, 50% of my time, a ‘Found Artist.’ That means I find things (fabrics, broken necklaces, single earrings, and etc.) and make them into something else. People also bring me things that can no longer function as they were initially intended – silk shirts and neckties and broken or unwanted jewelry, and I make those into silk collars (necklaces) and crazy earrings I call “Mixtos.” These can be found at Qulture Gallery, Demetro Galeria and at the Marsol Friday Market by the Pier that I run throughout the summer. We are the only artisan market open 52 weeks/year in Vallarta. The Marsol Friday Market is far smaller in summer than winter for obvious reasons but like I tell everyone kind enough to come inside, that we exemplify Quality over Quantity so, this is your personal invitation to come to visit Friday until 1:30 pm and have a look-see at the truly amazing things we create.
The rains are coming so go clean your gutters! And the streets, too. Everything you see laying around ends up in the sea. Each piece of trash you pick up is a triumph for a baby sea turtle. You can’t hug them; they are too little, and they have an agenda so hug each other, often and hard. Give the energy away with love and remember to breathe, From Here.

Marcia Blondin