From Here: Old New Friends

From last week’s fabulous house party, Jim Davis and David Wilhoit collected over 77,000 pesos to be split evenly with Corazon de Niña, The Banderas Bay Women’s Shelter andCheryl’s Shoebox. Then there is half a garage full of clothing, shoes and much more that will be delivered this week. Thanks you two for being such fine, caring Vallartenses.

Had a wonderful dinner at Coco Tropical with Paul Aleman and his gorgeous fiancée Cherie. We sat for hours and talked about a hundred things that we had stored up for such a quiet non-working evening. What a pleasure.

Here is a cool story…seven or eight years ago back at everyone’s favorite Market at theParadise Community Center, a Canadian woman came by my table and after some chit chat, bought a pair of simple silver-colored earrings. They suited her perfectly.

Perhaps a month later, I received an email that she had lost one of the earrings and could I make her a replacement? It just so happened I did have another piece of the metallic material so off it went by Mexican Post and arrived in Canada a few weeks after that.

I received an email a month ago from Maureen (?) from Calgary (?) that she was coming back to Vallarta after all these years and would find me at Marsol Friday Market. (Okay…)

Last Friday, busy doing something at Market, I heard a subtle ‘ahem’. I looked up and there were the earrings attached to Maureen from Calgary’s ears! What a joyous reunion we had with many hugs and an hour or so together after Market closed. I made sure she got on a bus that would take her back to La Cruz where she is staying. A lovely tale, no? I hope she can come back to Marsol Market this coming Friday with her friends and I hope too, she can keep track of the new silver-colored earrings I gave her. The old ones still looked perfectly fine!

Hold on tight to those you love; hug them hard like it’s the last hug you’ll ever give them. One day that will be true, From Here.

Marcia Blondin

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  1. Wonderful story Marcia. “Hold on tight to those you love; hug them hard like it’s the last hug you’ll ever give them. One day that will be true, ” always sage advice.

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