From Here: Food

It occurred to me to get on my scale this week. Whoa! Up ten pounds! I expected an increase and frankly, the way I’ve been eating lately, am surprised it’s only ten pounds. It all started at the gorgeous, beyond descriptive words of The Iguana Restaurant at Casa Kimberley for the SPCA Brunch. I went with my editor, Madeline Milne who did her best to keep up with my consumption of the gourmet buffet. If it had been a contest – I clearly won and have the overweight-ness to prove it! Lots of money was raised for the dogs and kitties. A lovely fashion show and a few dogs were up for adoption and were all on their best behavior. Cassandra Shaw’s models were oozing silver bracelets, earrings, and fab necklaces. It was three hours of glorious grazing in the most opulent restaurant in Vallarta. Janice Chatterton, take a bow, your generous heart has helped countless animals in Vallarta. Thanks for having Madeline and me at your table; it was an honor.

The same day I went to a birthday party up the street and ate tons of fabulous pasta and warm dessert topped with whipped cream. I didn’t have far to waddle home.

Then, two days later, I went to Eclecticos Restaurant and Bar on Pulpito. This is Nathalie Herling’s latest artistic adventure. As if the running of ArtVallARTa is not enough! Remember Chef Ruben? Old-timers in Vallarta will recall Karpathos Greek Resto that was so delicious in every way. He has done it again, folks. I ate shrimp, octopus, and spanakopita, then a gigantic chunk of filet mignon with a Jamaica sauce served with teeny carrots and very young green beans barely cooked. My companion had the duck and gave me a taste. O M G. Next time. The place was packed with people being turned away in droves. Moruno played while we had dessert with an unpronounceable name, but it tasted like a blend of flan/baklava/New York cheesecake. Thank heavens it was a small piece. Rich beyond words. Go to and reserve well in advance and try anything; you won’t be disappointed.

I managed to fit in one non-edible event at Kevin Simpson’s Colectika Gallery on Guadalupe Sanchez in Centro. He had Jacobo and Maria Angeles showing how to mix plant-based paints and some of their amazing woodcarvings. Jacobo has had books written about his work, and his carvings were responsible for many of the alebrijes in the Pixar movie Coco. I was standing on hallowed ground, that’s for sure. Kevin gave a most interesting talk about the Huichol Indians (whose art his galleries promote) at Incanto for a Vallarta Garden Club meeting last week. So beautiful the carvings and the painstaking way to paint AFTER the paint has been made from plants and bugs!

The weather has been crazy – cold/hot then cold again. Febrero Loco, for sure. Hugs make the clouds go away so give them freely and with love. Then, enjoy the sunny skies hugging you back, From Here.

Marcia Blondin