From Here Everything’s Going to be Alright

Bingo! I finally got to shout that very word at Nacho Daddy last Wednesday. Which means I won a bunch of very cool stuff, including my own gift certificate that I donate to Bingo every week at Nacho Daddy and Incanto. Mine I passed on to Colette owner of Langostino’s and the gal behind the Free Colina Spay and Neuter Clinic. The doors open upstairs at ND at 3 pm every Wednesday during season. A new charity wins each week. Oh, and the 50/50 drawing gifted one lucky man 3,450 pesos. So get out every Wednesday before 4 pm, to buy your cards and be sure and find me to say hi!

You have two more chances to see Jimmy James at The Palm before his run is completed for this season – he has GOT to come back. My god what that man can do with his voice! It’s always tricky for a newcomer to Vallarta’s stages to become an ‘overnight success’ in our town, but when word gets around of this explosive talent, clear a path. Believe me, Jimmy will find his niche in Vallarta. Please go to The Palm and give a listen to this gifted impersonator; you will be so glad you did. This Thursday at 7 pm and Saturday, the 8th, at 9:30 pm.

Last chance to see “La Posada” written and directed by Juan Pablo Hernandez at Plataforma 322 (next to the Versalles Hospital on Lucerna). We enjoyed seeing Cindy and Fernando from Voice of Vallarta again as well as Cesar Bravo and Samantha – the great stars of Equus and Juan Carlos and Cesar Trujillo from Princesas Desesperadas; the latter, with a birthday cake for Samantha after the performance. The rest of the cast performed well, and we had Alain Perreault beside us helping with the complicated but naturally funny Spanish script. Their last performance is Saturday the 8th of December at 8 pm.

There’s a new kid, er, resto/bar in town. In Centro to be exact, on Corona Street called NoSeNada. While owners Tim and Tracey are newcomers to the Hospitality Industry, what they DO know already and have passed on to all their staff is that they want a place that serves fine drinks, good food and great times. I can attest that all three goals have been met and surpassed. They have a small keg of their own private-label añejo tequila sitting on the bar. It is smooth as a fine sipping whiskey. It will sit on your tongue for a full warm minute then ‘poof ‘ it’s gone. Delightful. My sister and I had the arrachera for dinner while sitting on the second-floor terrace overlooking the ocean on one side and the peregrinations on Juarez on the other. Attentive service by Fernando, glorious food for the eyes and the palate and an eclectic menu that includes tater tots for adults. My sister is going back to get a bag for her flight home! Local regular Charlene Rehfeldt Bailey Crowe was enjoying her best friend’s company on the rooftop the same night we were there. She, like me, will be advancing through NSN’s menu little by little. Stop by – you’ll love the place. Oh, and see their new ad in the Shopping Pages and take it with you to get 2 x 1 Margaritas with that fantastic tequila all day long!

The Original Wailers” performed at Teatro Vallarta last Sunday night to very nearly a full house. Techie problems plagued the first couple of hours, initially delaying the start of the program by 45 minutes or so. This is actually very rare at Teatro Vallarta, be it Mexico or no. The crowd didn’t mind much, more time to drink some beer and get to know their seatmates better. I thought the three opening bands would perhaps dedicate some Bob Marley time, but it was rather a Reggaeton-type introduction for three hours. Everyone enjoyed the night start to finish. Young people who were born years after Bob Marley passed in 1981, knew every word sung by the “Original Wailers.” There was dancing in the seats and in the aisles; a few j’s passed back and forth and, as I said, the beer flowed.

A Christmas tradition, “The Nutcracker,” danced by the incomparable Jalisco State Ballet has one performance at Teatro Vallarta next Saturday, December 8th, at 8 pm. Their last appearance here in Vallarta was “Don Quijote” – it was flawless. Guess what I’m doing this weekend?

Until we touch paths, be kind and share a good, strong hug every single day, From Here.

Marcia Blondin