From Here: Dancing Rivers

Sandra Cesca and I watched a few minutes of yet another joyous Vallarta Pride parade down by Casa Ley just before the opening curtain for “Carmen” at Teatro Vallarta. Sher Producciones has brought the Jalisco State Ballet to this theatre three times in the past 18 months or so. Don Quijote, Nutcracker and last week, Carmen. While we were waiting to enter the lobby, I looked over my shoulder, and there was Dariusz Blajer, the Artistic Director of the Jalisco Ballet, making his way through the crowds. Much to my surprise and delight, he remembered me from Guadalajara. 

A couple of years ago, my brilliantly crazy friend Brian Peterman from Vancouver, invited me to see “Otello” at Teatro Degollado. The other reason we were in Guadalajara in November 2016, was to scout some choreographers and dancers to appear in Brian’s opera/ballet (likely debuting this coming fall!). That’s why we spent a glorious day at the Jalisco Ballet, watching classes, rehearsals, and hobnobbing with director Dariusz and his staff.
This production of Carmen was starkly modern with edgy choreography by Mark Godden. After all, it is a story of murder(s), betrayal, gypsies, jealousy, and corrupt military, with love, sex, and rivalry at the center of it all. While I must admit I am enamored by satin, velvet, and meters of tulle normally flowing in classical ballet; this Carmen leaning more towards West Side Story than Don Quijote, was brilliantly done and there were sufficient scenes of flashing fabrics to feed my affliction. I hope next time the Jalisco Ballet is in Vallarta, to interview Dariusz. Well done everyone and thanks to Salvador Luna and Sher Producciones for bringing us such loveliness.

On a completely different note: on the Isla Cuale last week – a peaceful protest of concerned citizens from Vallarta, Mismaloya, Boca de Tomatlan, Las Juntas y Los Veranos, El Tuito, and Cabo Corrientes to discuss the damming of the Horcones River. Different concerns were voiced about the impending hydroelectric dam and none more eloquently spoken than by 12-year-old Valentina, a fourth generation Boca de Tomatlan resident and student. She spoke of how we are ALL the wild birds in the air and the animals on the earth, including jaguars. All of us are the fish in the rivers and in the sea. We have to love and to do no harm to our earth.
Another concerned woman in attendance was my vet, Doctora Claudia. I asked her after the event how she was and what she had been doing. “Fighting,” she said. “I fight for the cats and dogs; the horses and the macaws. Now I am fighting for the rivers…always fighting”.
The sky is trying to rain even though it’s a couple of weeks early. Please pick up any garbage you see laying around on our streets and sidewalks; be aware of buying too much packaging, reuse your water bottle; they are so easy to sterilize. Spread your smiles and your hugs; they will come back to you tenfold, From Here.

Marcia Blondin