From Here: Change is Good

Went to see one of my all-time favorite movies, ‘Beetlejuice,’ the last ‘Dinner and a Movie’ for Paco Ojeda at Incanto. Many mutual friends stopped by to watch some Tim Burton magic; preceded by Paco’s history lesson on how/why the movie was made. Included were Paul Crist (go see his fantastic new men’s bathing suit store on Lazaro Cardenas); Alain Perreault (back in Montreal for some days helping his mother move); and the always ebullient, Lydia Damato with a group of girlfriends. Paco is off to new ground at the Boutique Community Theatre over Nacho Daddy Restaurant on Basilio Badillo. To introduce himself at his new venue, he gifted the crowd with “August Rush,” a beautifully moving film that left nearly all of us weeping with sappy joy at its conclusion. The food was excellent, with attractive, abundant choices. Paco Ojeda will be first up at the Boutique Theatre’s Ted-like Talks.

Halloween Night was a blast – my sister Patrice, and I started off at Nathalie Herling’s street party at Art VallARTa. It was great showing my sister through Nathalie’s excellent art school/gallery/theatre/hotel/workshops and more, for the first time. The party was well-attended, prizes given out for best costumes, and looming over all the partiers – the monumental alebrije that was unveiled on the Malecon a couple of days later during Day of the Dead festivities. We ran into loads of people we knew walking back to Nacho Daddy to wish Sean Moore and Tammy Prust a Happy 10th Anniversary. Here’s to another ten!

My sister Patrice and I received the startling but happy news, mere days after her arrival in Vallarta, that our brother was coming to join us! Twenty hours of flying and waiting in airports (Mark lives in Stockholm, Sweden), we picked him up at the airport two days ago and settled in to get to know each other…again. It is the first time in our combined 190-plus-years we have been together without the influence or presence of girlfriends; boyfriends; wives and/or husbands; children and/or parents AND two-thirds of us, my Brodie and I, no longer drink alcohol sooooo, it’s a brand new day! Three middle-aged adults – one of whom lives in Alberta, Canada; one lives with his wife and grown children in Scandinavia and, I live here in Paradise, so our discussions of weather and climate are relatively diverse and disparate! Politically we are all off the charts, so we decided immediately to just not go there! Mark lives in semi-darkness for months at a time being so close to the Arctic Circle; Patrice is about mid-way geographically, snowed in and freezing cold for much of the year…and I am in Vallarta. Odd, too, that they are experiencing peculiar weather for Vallarta for this time of year; they’ve never been through the tail end of a passing hurricane. We have many mini-events planned – a trip out to the Botanical Garden to visit Bob Price and his glorious and exuberant gift to our city. The Grand Opening of Qulture this Thursday night and whatever else pops up on the horizon.

We are so alike in many ways; in others – memories, for example – are we indeed the same family? Were we all at the same event (at the same time?) It is the tiny things we share – laughter that starts at all our toes and moves up – loudly and boisterously. Sometimes inappropriately, but hey! It’s laughter! I cry at the drop of a Hallmark card; Patrice only when she is really, really in pain and I can’t stand that part. Mark has lived in Sweden for longer than I’ve been in Mexico and has made a beautiful family of lovely daughters with his blond Viking wife, Eva.

I think we are, each of us, interesting. We all carry essential lessons learned from our parents and unlike so many people we know all over the world – we really love and care for each other, through thick and thin and thousands of miles of distance separating us. We are Family who grew up in kindness and live to pass that along, From Here.

Marcia Blondin