From Here – Cats

I finally got over to Manny’s Bar to eat last week. Cristobal, the new owner of Ropero de Jovany, and I sat outside and ordered prime rib for lunch. While we were waiting for food, I read him colleague A.J. Freeman’s article about attending Casa de Cristobal that appeared in last week’s issue of the Tribune. Hilarious as always, AJ finds an amusing side to everything, including hangovers. If you missed it, check the Tribune’s archives. I have been reading online about Manny’s prime rib – served on Wednesdays – and was happy to try it. Served with the sweetest corn ever and potatoes I would eat daily, good horseradish and the meat was just fine.
Growing up in southern Alberta has made me a prime rib snob, I’m afraid. I love it just off the grill, cut at least an inch thick, bleeding profusely and so tender that a knife is only for decoration.  Barring a trip back to Canada, get over and try Manny’s prime rib.
A filmed version of my favourite musical of all time is playing at Incanto this Thursday, September 5th. “Cats” starts at 7 pm. I saw the stage production in Vancouver decades ago, and host of Summer Stock at Incanto, Dennis Crow says the filming is spectacular. I can’t wait to see it again.
Michel Giglia gave an enthusiastic crowd a helluva “Hello, Paris” show last week in Incanto’s Theatre. The best-loved songs from France were sung over an interesting backdrop that constantly changed with shots of the Seine, Notre Dame, and other familiar Parisian places.
Michel is…adorable. Incanto owner Tracy Parks did a survey, and that word came up the most frequently. He is charming, sweet; an engaging entertainer, who touched, spoke with, sang to, or presented with a long-stemmed-‘Incanto-Orange’-rose -everyone in the audience. His enthusiasm rolled off the stage and touched each and every one of us. Michel’s guitarist and accordion player were terrifically in sync and never overpowered the vocals. “Hello, Paris” was different, wildly applauded and I think we’ll be seeing and hearing from Michel Giglia again. And soon.
A little over a year ago, I joined Central Gym down on Morelos between McDonald’s and Woolworths. The price was unbeatable, and it was time before I fell apart completely and irrevocably. I am a gym rat from years ago and have a terrible habit of training like a maniac with weights and then taking ten or 15 years off. I know, I know…it’s not right. So, I am back at it. I have to give a shout-out to Rafael, the owner of the three Central Gyms in town, mine, and two on Francisco Villa and as a member, you can use them all. Central was definitely a ‘grunt’ gym when I joined, and not all that well equipped. That has all changed. Now three floors stand ready to be utilized; bathrooms are being upgraded; walls painted; brand new equipment across the board. It will never be ‘fancy,’ and it doesn’t need to be. But two complete sets of rubberized dumbbells await. I am there when they open at 7 am.
Now I have to go to my other desk, put on the Interim-Editor hat, and get to work. Don’t forget free hugs at Marsol Friday Market and for the rest of the week, love the one you’re with, From Here.

Marcia Blondin