From Here: Carmen

The incredible State Ballet of Jalisco is coming this week for one performance of ‘Carmen’ at Teatro Vallarta. Thursday, May 23 at 8 pm, Sher Producciones presents the rousing music of Bizet and 40 brilliant dancers onstage under the guidance of Director Dariusz Blajer. I’ll have a full report next column.
My sister Patrice and I bussed out to the Vallarta Botanical Garden last week for lunch, to see the Garden of course, and to present Founder, Curator and dear friend, Bob Price his two winning certificates from the Tribune’s recent Best of Banderas Bay People’s Choice Awards. The VBG won for ‘Best View Restaurant’ in Puerto Vallarta and ‘Best Kept Secret’ in the entire Bay of Banderas. The ‘secret’ was evidently out when we were there – full restaurant, lots of happy diners, hikers, birders, and nature lovers. A sublime relief to sit for moments at a time and hear nothing but natural sounds. I also saw some good friends way the hell out there that I rarely see in town although we live blocks apart. A heavenly place the Botanical Garden for sure, and the resto just keeps getting better! I had a spectacular shrimp-stuffed avocado and my mango smoothie was so thick it defeated the grown-in-the-Garden bamboo straw.
Patrice and I kicked off Restaurant Week(s) at Nathalie Herling’s Eclectico’s on Pulpito, just off Olas Altas. I promised myself a couple of months ago, I would have the duck and did even though it is not on their Resto Week’s special menu. So very, very good; I will get back soon to try more great food prepared by Chef Ruben Iniguez.
At the beginning of my sister’s three-week stay, she decided that we should tile my floor; so we did. She did the lion’s share; I was busy moving everything I own from place to place while she tiled. The problem with a gorgeous new floor is that EVERYTHING that sits on it now looks like crap, so the dings in the walls have to be painted; the rusting chairs and tables need to be sanded and repainted. Furniture needs to be moved around to better utilize space, and often the very first place you put things is the only place they can really go. So, lots of movement. THEN, everything has to be cleaned. So, that’s what I’ve been doing since she left. And, every time I think I’m getting close to finishing, I see one more thing that just doesn’t fly on the fabulous new floor. So, thanks a lot, Patrice for spending your three-week vacation tiling my wretched cement. By Christmas 2020, I’ll be done cleaning, and then I am going to YOUR house!
Keep the hugs coming and going and smile when you pass strangers on the street; you will brighten their day, From Here.

Marcia Blondin