From Here: Arcano

So, what is everyone doing New Year’s Eve? If you are at loose ends, go to the Malecon where “Arcano” will be kicking off the free celebrations at 8 pm. I saw Arcano’s concert at Teatro Vallarta last week – absolutely fantastic. It was an ingenious mish-mash of genres, cultures – indigenous and so very avant-garde – delightful to the eye and curious at times to the ear. All of it exceptionally well put together, lights and sound wonderfully in sync with cameras strategically placed and showing all the action on a big screen behind the stage. There was dance – beautifully fluid, muy sexy tangos and folkloric dances from every corner of Mexico and not just on the stage but dancing in the aisles. Aztec dancers like I have never seen with extraordinary face and body paint and feathered wings so dense and huge I swear the young man could have flown over the crowds. Burning copal filled the theatre and invited a Scotsman in full regalia and bagpipes to join Arcano on stage. Two of my favorite singers in Vallarta – the beautiful soprano Vanessa Amaro and Ana Adame, winner of Voice of Vallarta a couple of years ago. What a treat to hear both of them on the same night. Two percussionists on stage kept the beat all night long. At one point Erika left her brother Vick and walked up and down the two aisles in the theatre playing her violin all the while, stopping for photos with whoever asked. 

It was extraordinary. Now my complaint: how hard is it to make a flyer and give proper respect to all those people who worked on this spectacular and seamless program? Ultimately, who the hell is to blame? How many more people would have attended had they an inkling of what was in store? For all the directors and managers of theatres/venues out there – if it’s worth producing at all then produce a program. Period. 

Another event coming up January 22 is the Vallarta Garden Club’s AnnualFiesta. This year celebrating the sun. There is a color theme each year, so this one should be a riot of sunset hues. Tickets for Fiesta del Sol are already half sold so get on it. This is the biggest money raiser for the Garden Club and if you believe all they do is sit around, drink tea and embroider flowers on tea towels, guess again! This hard-working, get down and dirty group plant, weed, construct planters, water, paint, fertilize and prune to exhaustion all year round. Any streets you consider spectacular with their plantings, think Vallarta Garden Club. Every time you walk on the Malecon or cross the Presidencia stop and look around. This is the work of the Garden Club. They receive no funding from the government and so depend on donations of time and money to beautify Vallarta then keep it that way. And it’s a hell of a good party, too! More on La Fiesta del Sol as the day approaches. 

A group of Vallarta Tribune colleagues got together at Incanto last week to celebrate Christmas and another year, another 52 issues of the longest-running English newspaper in the Bay of Banderas. All the staff atIncanto took terrific care of us with food and copious amounts of vino. Extraordinary hors d’oeuvres – stuffed dates? Yummy! Many thanks to our editor MadelineMilne for being such a super boss and a great hostess. 

Hope everyone’s Christmas was merry and bright; onwards to more festivities next week. Be kind and hug each other hard, From Here. 

Marcia Blondin