From Here

The core group of “Friends of Rodolfo” took a meeting last week at La Palapa on the beach. Over a genuinely sumptuous breakfast  (the arrachera is flawless: ask for it; it’s not on the menu) with Skip Everett, Margareta Loughran, Scott Androvic, David and me, putting our heads together to try and create events in our quest to get Rodolfo off the streets and into establishments full of people who love his beautiful tenor voice.

If you’ve not been following, Skip and Margareta have been getting the attention of the expat community to help Rodolfo get singing jobs. Both of them had heard Rodolfo sing as he tapped his way down the Malecon on clear days, pushing his speaker system.

They went out of their way to meet Rodolfo, who has been blind since birth, talk to him, learned he was married to Julia who is also blind, and generally began a crusade. Soon, neighbors and friends of theirs got involved. Entertainer/teacher/singer/maestro Jean-Guy Comeau was befriended, became Rodolfo’s voice coach and recently his new piano teacher! Rodolfo is learning piano the same way he learned to sing, by ear, and is progressing like lightning and may soon be accompanying himself on the piano in venues around town.

If anyone out there is interested in having Rodolfo perform at your restaurant, event, etc., over the summer months or in season, email me, and I’ll put you in touch.

Continuing with great food…we were invited to a dinner party by the President of the Vallarta Garden Club, David Muck. The excellent Jim Eckardt catered the event. About 30 of us enjoyed round after round of delish appetizers before the main course – remarkable pasta on a bed of fresh asparagus followed by dessert…OMG. Teeny chocolate brownies as pretty as they were tasty. I had to have two just to make sure they were that decadent.

David Muck asked me to let everyone know not to be alarmed if you see someone cutting branches off the bougainvillea’s around town. They desperately need pruning – some plantings have never been trimmed, and when the plants begin to interfere with C.F.E. lines and THEY come out with machetes, the results are less than lovely. Next season they will flourish like never before – in many cases doubling the volume of blossoms!

Thanks go to the Vallarta Garden Club for making our City more beautiful with each new planting. They work tirelessly, these great volunteers. Buy them a beer if you see them out and about working.

Still on food…kinda. I walked past “The Canuck Café” on Guerrero for the first time last week, then backtracked to see the art on the walls close up. I went in, met the Canuck – Jennifer from Alberta, and had a look around. It’s darling! There are many paintings by my friend Sergio “Cheko” Babun.

The atmosphere is cozy and very comfortable with equipal chairs and tables. The menu is very Canadian – lots of salads, fries and GRAVY, poutine, all day breakfast dishes and lunch offers a beef dip. I need say no more.

The only thing better than me going to eat there is to ask my colleague AJ Freeman to put the Canuck Café on his radar and future-column-list. Welcome to Centro, Jennifer!

The Americans have mid-term elections coming up and my good friend Bonnie Mott has asked me to encourage all you expats to get out and VOTE. Even the Mexican Federal government is urging those holding dual citizenships to exercise their rights. Any questions should be addressed to or

Teatro Vallarta has brought us two professional and utterly different ballet troupes in two months! The first, from Guadalajara, our State of Jalisco corps de ballet were superb in the classical “Don Quijote.” Last weekend we were visited by a French company directed by Francois Mauduit in a decidedly modern version of “Bolero.” Unfortunately, there were no program notes at all, nothing to explain the French language voiceovers that were possible clues to what was unfolding on the stage. And, I would have loved a precis on the story itself and the names of the dancers and the characters they played. A highlight for me was to watch a ballet where the men outshone the ballerinas. My god, they worked hard and looked like they loved every minute of it. Outstanding, beautiful athletes. I hope director Salvador Luna invites them back.

One of my favorite groups in town will be at Teatro Vallarta, Saturday, June 30th at 7 pm – La Boquita in “Flores a Lorca” for some Spanish music and dance.

Be kind to those you love and kinder to those you don’t…it’ll drive them crazy, From Here.

Marcia Blondin