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A couple of new businesses have opened in town – both worthy of introductions. First up is Wheeling Vallarta Segway Tours. And just what is a Segway, you may well ask? (I had to!). A Segway is a two-wheeled, stand-up electric scooter-type vehicle used by many police forces including Puerto Vallarta’s. Guided tours can be had after lessons are learned on how to stay upright. Conveniently located at the north end of the Malecon across from McDonald’s, the hour-long tours travel the length of the Malecon all the way to the new pier and back. Your guide will point out interesting places along the way and serve up some history of our city. Helmets and safety vests are supplied and required – a very cool new way to cruise the Malecon in style and safety. A Wheeling Vallarta Segway Tour is priced so the whole family (kids eight and up) can Segway together. For more information see their ad in this issue.
If you are a bit like me, shopping for clothes in familiar, ordinary box stores is not something you ever want to do. And now there is Ropero de JOVANY – Jovany’s Closet on Lazaro Cardenas in the Romantic Zone that has more colors and textures in it than mine! A glitzy, glittery, glamorous collection of vintage clothing and accessories for men and women from places like Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. Owner Jovany Jara has hand-picked each exquisite piece of clothing and displays them beautifully. Nothing, and I mean nothing looks “used”. Everything hangs just so. The shop is small and jam-packed with one-of-a-kind pieces, glorious beaded handbags, fabulous shoes, fur jackets (I know, I know) a full-length muskrat coat that almost made me yearn for a Canadian winter.
Then there is Jovany’s partner, Anthony Silva, who is a certified dog trainer and is itching to use his expertise on Vallarta’s somewhat ill-mannered pooch population. For information on proper dog training and boarding please email Welcome gentlemen, to Vallarta.
There will be another Bazaar on Tuesday, March 8th from 10 to 2 at the Marsol Hotel by the pier. Please come by and find something useful and/or simply lovely…I am bringing a few diamonds-in-the-rough. Really.
Speaking of clothing – Deja New’s Centro store’s last day is Saturday, March 5th. Many of you know I have worked there for over a year. While it’s a bit sad for me to bid my erstwhile retail career ‘adios’, it’s been fun; has improved my conversational skills in Spanish (there really was only one direction that could go!) I thoroughly enjoyed helping clients mix and match outfits. In the meanwhile, the original Deja New on Jacarandas continues to thrive. My heartfelt thanks go to owner Kathleen Palmer for the very interesting experience.
The end of February means another Academy Awards show has come and gone; parties were everywhere. Happily I was invited to Jim and Sean’s house for – yet another – sensational get together. Guests were encouraged to tread the red carpet with some panache at very least. OMG. Don’t know who were more dazzling – the men or the women! I cannot put into words the full meaning of a “Jim Lee Event”. The food prep took three whole days – with staff – and included bacon on a skewer drizzled with dark chocolate. Just let that run around on your taste buds for a minute. And then there were tiny fresh oyster shooters. Cheeseburger sliders were being barbequed all night long. All of these – and many more delightful noshes – were passed out by meandering muscular, hand-painted waiters; charming and delicious eye candy. Two bars steadily kept everyone’s spirits up. Oh! And we all cheered when Mexico’s brilliant Alejandro Iñarritu won the Best Director Oscar. Again. To Jim Lee and Sean Carey – a thousand thanks! Again.
One great party story happily leads to another – my 25th anniversary celebration of moving to Vallarta. I was going to let the day slide by because I knew that many of the people I wanted to celebrate with couldn’t be here – my sister, Patrice, being the most missed. Many invitees were sick with the vicious chest flu that’s making the rounds and many more were acting, singing and entertaining on other stages.
The one person who pushed me the hardest then helped get the party started was Jim Lee. The place? Langostinos on Los Muertos beach where I spent much time over the years. Owner Colette Zarry had balloons everywhere and had tent cards printed up with special drinks for my guests – on half the tables in the restaurant! Colette personally served delicious appetizers to everyone who came and a lot of people had dinner off Langostino’s extensive menu. All the food was beautifully prepared and presented; everyone raved.
To Colette and your staff: saying “thank you” is so woefully inadequate. In the midst of a Friday night in the busiest season Vallarta has had in years you truly made me and my guests feel warmly welcomed. I am grateful for all you did.
To those who made the party and brought love and hugs and kind words – I don’t know how to thank you either! My ‘guest book’ is now a treasure and the photographs are still coming in.
One last thing – a little macabre maybe, but the next morning I thought, wow! – that was like attending my own Celebration of Life and walking home afterwards!
Everybody: take care of our tourists. What a season we are having thanks to them!

Marcia Blondin

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  1. Marcia,

    Congratulations on your 25th anniversary celebration since moving to Puerto Vallarta. Now with the hot spell during the busiest high season in years when the temperature is usually the coolest, and with so many folks down with the flu … Paradise now may sound to many like an oxymoron.

    But we know that paradise is where we call home .

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