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That gorgeous coffee table book Arte Vallarta is available at Javier Niño’s Gallery on Lazaro Cardenas between Constitucion and Insurgentes. It is beautifully done – go and look at it! And buy a couple.
The CD Release party for Moruno was such a success all I can say is, catch Moruno at El Patio de Mi Casa on Guerrero every Saturday night. This brilliant Gypsy Jazz Trio will be hitting the Big Time soon so see them while you still can!

My dear friend, Alain Perreault, appears at The Palm February 29th at 4 pm. His show is all about Broadway his way however, by show time, he will just have returned from London, England, after seeing probably every single show that took place on a stage in that city. His enthusiasm is contagious and I can’t wait for this matinee – his third installment. He is such a star.
Thursday, March 3rd is the next tribute blow-out at El Rio BBQ-Bar. The Legend in Black, Johnny Cash starring Bill Cayley. See everybody there – get your tickets fast!
A few weeks back, I commented on milestones – Sean Moore’s 55th birthday party, in that case and the importance of observing/celebrating them.
Okay, here is my milestone: In the morning of February 26, 1991, I boarded a plane in Vancouver, B.C. Five hours or so later, I stepped onto the hot tarmac in Puerto Vallarta, my new home.
It took five years from my first visit in 1986 to extricate myself from friends, family, jobs, cats (a hard decision), a husband (not so hard), my home. (Actually, it had not been ‘home’ for a long time, rather the place that kept me out of the snow.)

Five years to be reunited finally and absolutely to my soul that had stayed behind in ‘86 and waited for the rest of me to catch up. And now two and a half decades have passed! Days here and there falling together into months and then nearly a third of my life has been spent living in Vallarta. It still amazes me, my blessed fortune.
People often ask if I have had any regrets. No, none.

And then there are the changes that Vallarta has gone through. I could bore all of you to tears with the comparisons of this and that and what used to be where and who used to do what and on and on ad-freaking-nauseum. I made a promise to myself in 1986 on the flight back to Canada after my first visit to Vallarta that if I EVER managed to get back here and never had to leave, if I could really LIVE here, I would make changes in my life. I have honoured that promise every single day for 25 years: I will not walk by a setting sun if I can stop and watch and bid the sun farewell with thanks, to take gentle care of Vallarta’s land, her river’s and the sea. And her streets no matter how loud or cacophonous they can become. To wake each morning with thanks and before sleep, the same. To care for the Vallartenses, the Patas Saladas that have taken such good care of me. To never, ever, take for granted my life in this remarkable city. With every insane new building project, we gain an extra monarch butterfly or humpback whale or Olive Ridley turtle. When Febrero Loco is so bloody hot remember Hurricane Patricia was headed straight to destroy us then turned away at the last minute. It is living yin-yang, balancing, balancing.

Puerto Vallarta is a mystical, magical place. No amount of cement can cover or mask or destroy that magic. Many people can’t/don’t care to see it and that’s okay. Vallarta has always had her lovers held close by. New ones are added almost every day, the blessed ones…you know who you are!

So, there will be a celebration on the sand at Langostino’s, February 26, 2016, from 6 to 9 pm. Colette is making a special drinks/appetizer menu for my guests so, to old friends and new ones, stop by if you can, give me a hug and tell me how smart I was 25 years ago and we’ll watch the sun go down together.

Marcia Blondin

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  1. As Dorothy said in the land of OZ when she kicked the heals of her magic red ruby shoes and repeated: “There is no place like home!”

    Home is actually where the heart is, the homeland where resides the childhood memories, mother, father, sister, brother, the grand parents,
    other relatives , friends , and other loves. Unless one’s homeland is in the Artic Circle, the planet offers four seasons of change throughout the year … which also changes most years.

    Take Puerto Vallarta for example. Where during the top season cool time of the year, is suffering a hot spell. My home in San Francisco is also having a hot spell. And my tan is getting darker each day. But then, in comes the fog that cools down the nighttime. One can hardly see across the street some mornings. Ever walk into a cloud ?

    This is my home sweet home. I go to Puerto Vallarta each year to experience the hot weather and the heavy and light rains that make green the jungles, and fill the rivers and waterfalls. However I do not wish to be in Puerto Vallarta during the seasons where the crowds fill up the sidewalks , beaches, pools and shops , the cars on the streets, and the buses are crammed full of riders.

    I like the opportunity to spend time with friends, making a new friend, learning from and sharing what I know with others. I spend Sunday mornings at the San Francisco flea and collectable market talking with the venders. This past Sunday there was a black vender from Kenya, that looked a lot like a younger Barak Obama Senior.

    He was selling many things from his homeland in Kenya. Many of the things I already had in my collections. I spied a flat box of what looked like coal. It was actually pieces of amber rocks that had been broken up when mined in Kenya. I spent much time looking a most of the pieces, and found several that contained red amber.

    Looking at the sunlight shine thru the amber, there appeared on one two small bright lights thru the dark amber. One was like a bright red laser light and the other white. A great addition to my Chiapas and Puebla Mexican amber collections. Later on, I began wondering why President Obama does not look like the Senior Barak Obama, or even act like or talk like him ?

    Of course I never met or talked with the real Barack Obama Senior. But it was something to think about.

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